This morning, as we wake up on our first Monday with President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris heading to the White House, I’m passing the mic.

Although yes, of course, we had some things to say as well.

I’m sharing just a few of the thoughts about the election results from mothers we love and respect around social media from the big influencers to the names you may not know. (But should.)

These are women from different backgrounds, with different families, living in different hometowns, practicing different religions (or none at all), each with different reasons for celebrating — and they’re all worth hearing. They’re not all political activists per se. But they are all moms, just hoping for a better future for their families. And yours.

Another thing that unites them all is the understanding that the election of the first woman into the White House — the first Black woman of South-Asian descent, at that —  is massive source of pride, joy, and hope. (Here’s to cool aunts and cool stepmoms!) They also know that the work doesn’t end here; it’s just beginning.

If you too are celebrating this moment, I hope you’ll click through to read their entire posts. If you’re trying to figure out where you fit into the next four years, I hope you’ll click through to read their entire posts too.

Top image: Kiana Bosman on Unsplash (Love her work!)


Moms react to the Biden-Harris win

Kira O: @afropolitanmom

“Watching Kamala Harris walk proudly onto that stage and give her acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes. As a black woman and daughter of an immigrant. Yes, I voted, and I’d hope it would be in my favor, but gosh, seeing it actually come to fruition is surreal.”


Brandi Riley: @BrandiJeter

“As influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, women, Americans, humans, it’s our duty to receive this as a first step, and rise up to the challenge that’s being presented to us. We are not done. We have not been delivered…don’t let us Black women be the only ones doing the work.”


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Ilana Wiley: @mommyshorts

“I’m the daughter of a Jewish immigrant whose parents survived the Holocaust. My mom came here from Germany when she was four. The United States of America welcomed our family back then, when no one else would, and I feel like we are welcome once again.”



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Roxanna Sarmiento: @helloroxsar

“I come from a complex web of threads woven from generations of worldwide immigration. I was literally made by immigrants…The terrible message I got that horrible night four years ago is that many people wanted me, wanted us, to be ashamed of our immigrant roots.”⁠

“My story isn’t exactly special. Most of us are made by immigrants, even those that pretend they’re not. Even the arrepentidos…it’s not too late for you. I sincerely hope you find joy in your history. Don’t be ashamed. You don’t have to erase your history to be accepted. ⁠You can just be you.”


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Dr. Christine Koh: @hellochristinekoh

“I’m so f*cking excited about the return of respect for science!”


Amiyrah Martin: @amiyrahmartin_

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“Please understand I am a Black woman raising Black children in this country. Politics is a DAILY part of my life. As a woman [in] America, I hope you understand that politics is a daily part of YOUR life. It can never be left out. It’s ingrained in your femininity.”


Lauren Smith Brodie: @thefifthtrimester

“If our kids have had to shoulder too much fear and have too many hard conversations over these past four years, at least now they can share in our joy and relief and help us rebuild. Teddy said it was the best day of his life.”


Portia Mount: @themanifista

“For four years I’ve lived in worry for my children and the future of this country as the divisions seemed to grow exponentially every day. To see Kamala Harris and Joe Biden on stage last night and to hear their words of healing was balm for my soul.”



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Kristen Howerton: @kristenhowerton

“I know that people were voting for the candidate but I can’t help feeling like this election was also about voting for inclusion and justice … and in today’s celebration we all felt that.”



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Stacie Billis: @StacieBillis

“For this one moment, I’m going to speak to my fellow white ladies…When we look at the divide, make no mistake, it’s between white people — us and us. So do not sit down now because what you see in the mirror is ugly. It’s our fight to work towards feeling proud of the reflection staring back at us.”



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Karen Walrond: @heychookooloonks

“If you’re committed to working towards a world that celebrates beauty and interconnection in all its wondrous diversity, join me. Let’s make light together. It won’t be easy. But in America, it may have just gotten a little bit easier. And oh, how it will be worth it. ❤️✨✊?✌?”


Sara Berliner: @VoteLikeAMother

“I often say we have to #VoteLikeAMother with not just our ballots but our time, wallets, & voices. That democracy is a team sport, & the season is year-round. We lived this ethos throughout the 2020 election cycle. Let’s keep the momentum going & stay engaged so that we don’t just take our country back. We keep it.”



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Jenny Lawson: @thebloggess

“Feels easier to believe [in the possible] today.”


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Here’s to a more peaceful, more joyous, more prosperous, and more equitable future for all of us