If there’s one thing we’re all talking about right now, and maybe even tearing up about (if you’re Liz), it’s the long-awaited arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines. So we invited the most perfect guest to sit down with us: vaccine expert, NYU Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics, author, and NY Times “The Checkup” science columnist, the wonderful Dr. Perri Klass.

We talk about so many important topics including how the vaccine works, when we can expect a vaccine for kids under 16,  the respected resources that Dr. Klass trusts about vaccine information, the importance of pediatricians right now, and of course, Dr. Klass’s excellent book, A Good Time to Be Born: How Science and Public Health Gave Children a Future. which offers some outstanding perspective about (to quote Lin-Manuel Miranda) how lucky we are to be alive right now.

This is such an important interview that we hope you’ll listen and share, whether you need some reassurance, or just want to hear from an expert in the field of epidemiology who’s feeling as celebratory as you are.

Listen right here right now:

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A Good Time To Be Born by Dr. Perri Klass -- a fascinating read about how vaccines, science, and public health has changed the world and given kids a future
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