If you had’n’t noticed, houseplants are having a real moment right now. I’m cracking up over friends who are naming their plants and calling themselves “plant parents.” ¬†It’s a serious obsession and considering the year we’ve had, I get the need to fix up your home in small ways. But I have to admit, I’m loving any trend that brings more life into my living spaces.

I’m capitalizing on this with an awesome decor hack for zhuzhing up (that would be a Queer Eye kind of “zhuzhing”) my living room without a huge makeover budget; Just add statement planter and a big, vibrant new¬†houseplant for a pop of color and energy in your room.

These are the stylish planters I’ve got my eye on, from modern to boho to traditional.

I hope you find something you love too.

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8 stylish planters I’m loving right now

Love these elegant small planters from The Sill grouped together or alone | 8 stylish planters to amp up your home

A simple, modern, but not boring planter

If you’re new to houseplants, The Sill is a terrific place to start by all accounts. You can not only get a gorgeous, well-made, sturdy pot like these¬†elegantly curved grant planters¬†in multiple sizes, but the plant to go with it — they’ll even help you figure out the best plant for your space lighting conditions. ¬†(Our Editor Liz bought a gorgeous fern from there that did not like its home at all, and they graciously replaced it with a snake plant, shown here on the left, which thrives in nearly any condition.)

These look terrific in groupings, or on their own, just to fill a spot on a bookshelf or bring an organic shape to a desk or bookshelf. Lots of colors, too.

Stylish planters to zhuzh up your living areas: Mid-century modern style planter at Pottery Barn

A stylish mid-century modern planter

This mid-century modern style planter and wooden stand at Pottery Barn is minimalist magic. It works in every decor, fills a corner beautifully, or helps you divide two areas visually. It’s a bold yet simple look that really shows off a gorgeous plant — pair this with a flowering houseplant or one that’s vibrant green for maximum impact. I think it would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift too!


Stylish planters to zhuzh up your indoo living space: Macrame hanging planters at Breanna Lynn Designs

A hanging macrame planter: Yes, back in style!

Just as houseplants are having their moment, so is macrame. This boho 70s homage works so well in these stylish macrame hanging planters from Breanna Lynn Designs. It captures the vibe perfectly, and it’s a great way for getting your plants up off your floor if you have limited space, o an empty, high-up area in your home that could use some design attention.

The hanging macrame planters at The Sill are worth a look too, if you want to go a little more 2021 with your macrame but keep what’s wonderful about the original.


Stylish planters to zhuzh up your living areas: This dipped terracotta planter at Anthropologie

A neutral two-toned planter

While you often want the plant to be the star of the show, and not the planter itself, I love this earthy, bohemian,¬†dipped clay planter¬†from Anthropologie. It’s such a stylish planter choice if you’re going for a more natural look in your space but don’t want just a plain garden-variety (haha) terra-cotta pot.

I really appreciate the drip bowl underneath, which allows water to drain without ruining your floor or console table. That matters more than you’d think. Don’t ask me how I know.

Stylish planters to zhuzh up your living areas: Colorful hanging planters by Closed Mondays at West Elm

A stylish dip-dyed hanging planter…or two

For rooms that are bursting with color — or need more without a full reno — these dipped hanging planters¬†Closed Mondays at West Elm give you a wonderful pop of color while still letting the plant hold most of your attention. These are terrific for philodendrons, ferns, or growing vines with long tendrils, or anything really depending how high you hang them. They also look great in pairs, as you can see — so smart if you subscribe to a plant of the month club of some kind and you’re proud of how well your little friends are doing.

But truly, your plant don’t need to be anything fancy with these stylish planters — the simplicity of the colors do so much work.

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Stylish indoor planters to zhuzh up your living areas: Hammered metal planters at West Elm

A reflective metal planter

You might think these hammered metal planters from West Elm are ultra-traditional, but they’re so stylish today. I mean yes, they totally remind me of my living room growing up — but they also capture that fab 70s-80s throwback style of a chic Alexis Bittar bracelet. My tip: The shine and texture will draw your attention and uh, draw attention away from less desirable corners of your room. So place them where you want people looking! Especially if they’re able to catch the sunlight.


8 stylish indoor planters to zhuzh up your living areas: Ikat planter at From Marfa with Love

A textured canvas planter in any color at all

I clicked on every single picture at the adorable Portland-based Etsy shop From Marfa With Love, trying to decide which planter to highlight here, and finally landed on this bright canvas ikat planter.¬†Love that pink! But seriously, check them all out — not just for the diverse array of patterns and cool textures, but also for so many inspiring details to help you figure out where your stylish planter should go, and some creative ways to help it change up your space. The planter¬†hanging from the coat rack? Brilliant.

(And hey, look! She’s got that Anthropologie planter¬†too!)


8 stylish indoor planters to zhuzh up your living areas: Maya ceramic planter at Ceramic Sense

A stylish planter with a smile. Literally.

OMG OMG OMG how cute is this little handmade smiling ceramic planter at Ceramic Sense? If you have a small space that needs a bit of personality, this cute little guy will do it for you It’s perfect for people with a succulent of the month subscription¬†or a small starter houseplant. ¬†And the good news is, there’s just about as many variations of this planter as there are succulents. So you can collect one of each. I totally would.