We’ve all picked up new hobbies during quarantine, and mine has been buying and potting houseplants on Etsy. I lead an exciting life, what can I say.

But while I’m at home so much of the time, surrounding myself with these little reminders of growth and life has really comforted me.

Maybe it’s because their needs are simple, unlike with my two human babies. Or because they purify the air in a time when fresh air is not something we’re taking for granted.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been having a grand old time cruising on Etsy for new additions. Yes, Etsy! You may not think of it as a place for houseplants but I’ve found wonderful options there!

It also means I don’t have to brave the massive home improvement shop with my two young kids, plus I get to support some nice small businesses.

Here are some great little shops if you, too, need a pick-me-up in plant form.

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Indoor Plants, LLC is one of our favorite sources for Etsy houseplants.

Indoor Plants, LLC 

Despite the totally generic name (for an Etsy shop at least), I’ve bought several plants from Indoor Plants, and they’ve really impressed me with their quality and delivery speed. And I’m not the only one who thinks so — they’ve earned thousands of five-star reviews since their shop opened in 2018.

If you’re looking for an impossible-to-kill starter plant, I highly recommend this snake plant — also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, which, no comment.


Succulent Source specializes in small succulents for evens, but they're also great for home decor.

Succulent Source

Succulents are still so hot, even a few years after we thought we’d reached peak tiny-plant love. I can totally see why they’re trending, given their low-maintenance nature and general cuteness. And they’re so cheap, you order an assortment of succulents to arrange into a little cluster or place into a terrarium. Just make sure you’re buying an actual plant with a root structure, rather than a cutting (no roots), unless you’re experienced with propagating plants.


We love the eco-friendly packaging at Thorsens Greenhouse Etsy shop.

Thorsen’s Greenhouse 

Well hello, gorgeous! As you can see from just this one cool Stromanthe plant, Thorsen’s Greenhouse offers some lovely options. They’re also the most eco-friendly succulent shop on Etsy that I’ve found; most other plants I’ve purchased come in small, flimsy plastic pots meant to be tossed. On the other hand, Thorsen’s Greenhouse sells their plants in biodegradable containers. Plant newbies will also be happy to find their inventory organized into helpful categories like low-maintenance, or pet-friendly.

Jaqueline Home Garden is one of the OG Etsy houseplant shops.

Jaqueline’s Home Garden

Jacqueline’s Home Garden offers a healthy selection of succulents as well as regular houseplants, and it’s collected over 11,000 positive reviews. Her succulents are also a little bigger than Succulent Source’s, in case you have a specific pot you’re looking to fill — or you’re just impatient like me. I’m really taken with this maranta green prayer plant. Isn’t it just beautiful?


If you're looking for rare and beautiful houseplants, check out the My Plant Obsession Etsy shop.

My Plant Obsession

If you’re looking for more sophisticated houseplant fare, check out My Plant Obsession, which offers more than just the basics that you see in lots of Etsy shops. I think this Caladium plant is so striking. Just be sure to check whether the item you’re ordering is a live plant or a bulb, as this shop offers a healthy mix of both. Pun kind of intended.

Top image: Huy Phan via Unsplash