Leave it to Em & Friends, the site formerly known as Emily McDowell and Friends, to create the perfect pandemic-era Mother’s Day cards. From funny to encouraging, insightful to empathetic, they’re got to be one here that suits someone you know.

As soon as I saw them, I thought wow, I know someone out there will really really appreciate one of them — either to send or receive. And of course, we have plenty of  Mother’s Day gift ideas of all kinds too, all over our site. Even if you’re buying for yourself.

And yes, you can totally do that.

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A funny pandemic Mother's Day card perfect for 2021

The Funny Quarantine Mother’s Day Card is the perfect card for adults to their moms.

Pandemic Mother's Day cards: This is the ultimate via Emily McDowell

This Parenting in a Pandemic Card is so relatable for basically every mom I know. Especially the part about “you are not failing.” Oof.

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Pandemic Mother's Day cards: This medal is a sticker she can remove

Just pick a mom, any mom, and give her this Kept Going Medal Card which comes with a removable sticker that she can wear proudly all day long. Or hey, laminate it and wear it all year. I might.

Pandemic Mother's Day cards: Perfect if you can't see your own mom this year

The Extra Missing You Mother’s Day Card is a wonderful sentiment for moms you can’t see right now — maybe she’s overseas, maybe she’s not flying, maybe you just can’t make it together for whatever reason.

The perfect Mother's Day card for people who struggle with Mother's Day

I’m really moved by this Empathy Card for Mother’s Day. While we’re pretty much all moms here and celebrate motherhood, so many of us don’t have their own moms around anymore and the holiday can be bittersweet. This is such a thoughtful card for someone who’s having a tough time — especially if this is their first Mother’s Day without her.