Honestly, we have never done a dedicated guide to home office gifts for moms, even if we have incorporated home office gifts for her throughout our other Mother’s Day gift guides, and especially on Cool Mom Tech. But these days, with more moms than ever working from home (if only part-time), it seems like a good time to share some home office gifts for moms that she’ll actually love.

These  lovely home office gifts for moms (and grandmas!) not only celebrate her hard work, but help her know just how much it’s valued by the rest of the family.

Even if you don’t have an extra room you have converted into a dedicated home office (my dream!), we’ve found some wonderfully practical, but still thoughtful, home office gifts for her on Mother’s Day that she can use to make her work space special.

Possibly even a calm away from the storm of parenting at the same time. But that’s another story. – Kate, with Liz

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Our favorite home office gifts for mom right now

Practical but thoughtful home office gifts for working mom | 2022 Mother's Day Gifts


Home office gifts for mom: Beautiful photo of the kids on a brass easel at Artifact Uprising

A beautiful photo of the kids for her desk 
$55, Artifact Uprising

Even though the kids may be right on the other side of her office door, a lovely photo of her favorite family members in a gorgeous new frame to spruce up her desk is a really sweet home office gift for mom.

Home office gifts for mom: "Mom is working" sign at Amanda Irwin Art

A do not disturb sign
$10, Amanda Irwin Art

If she has tweens or teens at home, this “mom is working” doorknob hanger is a great way to remind them that she’s off-limits for the moment. If she has little ones, consider pairing it with a gift card for childcare, too. She’ll be grateful. Especially when school’s out.

Home office gifts for mom: "Open to New Ideas" letter opener at See Jane Work

“Open to new ideas” letter opener from See Jane Work
$13.90, Office Depot 

If this meant I could quit walking to the kitchen for a butter knife every time I had to go through our bills, then I would be definitely “open to new ideas” — as in, actually using this cool letter opener.


15 home office Mother's Day gifts: A selfie light, for all those video meetings

Selfie light for all those Zoom meetings
$69.99, Amazon

It’s clear that Zoom calls are here to stay. And a light that makes me look like I actually got a full night of sleep when I’m zooming with coworkers, teachers, or clients will suffice until I can get an actual spa day — and actual sleep.

While you’re add it, throw in a Zoom subscription if she doesn’t have one, so her video conferences don’t shut off mid-sentence.

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Home office gifts for mom: : waterproof leather desk mat in lots of pretty colors

Waterproof faux leather desk mat 
$15.99, Amazon

Even if a brand new desk isn’t in the budget as a home office gift for mom this year, this affordable (and so pretty!) desk mat will give any old table a glow up. Also, waterproof! And as those of us coffee drinkers know, that’s essential. Comes in lots of colors besides pink, too.



UI self-heating mug: Practical Mother's Day gifts for her office

Temperature-controlled smart mug and warmer set 
$89, Nordstrom

Yeah, it’s pricey. But Liz swears by hers! (Read her full review here.) In fact it may be our most coveted item on this list of office gifts for mom on Mother’s Day. Because the gift of always-hot coffee at the perfect temperature when we’re too busy to remember to drink it until 11 AM — yes, please.

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Home office gifts for mom: an inspirational art print by Seaside Shed Studio for her desk

An inspirational print for her home office area 
$7.24 printable, Seaside Shed Studio

Working from home can be exhausting and challenging, but an inspirational print for her desk or office wall may give her a little extra boost of motivation. Frame it small for her desk, or let her hang it on a wall; this one from a UK designer happens to be a lovely reminder that what she does has impact.


Home office gifts for mom: A fun planter for her desk, like this one at Ceramic Sense

A tiny houseplant in a fun desk planter
Prices vary

I’m all about the houseplant trend that blew up during the height of quarantine, and I would love a fun new planter (like this one from Ceramic Sense, above e) as a special home office Mother’s Day gift. In fact, our readers have been loving it since we shared it — so glad it will give so many of you a little joy at home!


Dip Dye DIY planter tutorial: Sweet Mother's Day gift craft for a home office or nightstand from I Spy DIY

Then again, you could always go with a homemade planter the kids decorate themselves like the one shown here, with a tutorial from I Spy DIY. Handmade gifts for home office are always special.

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Home office gifts for mom: A pretty laptop stand at Twelve South

A useful laptop stand 
$59.99, Twelve South

It’s amazing how much better your neck feels when you’re not looking down at your desk all day long. This stand from one of our favorite indie tech companies does the job, and does it with style. (But hey, feel free to throw in a coupon for a free neck massage, too. No mom would ever say no to that!)


Home office gifts for mom: a Shiatsu foot massager

Shiatsu foot massager
$67.99 on sale, Amazon

Speaking of massages, I love the idea of hiding one of these shiatsu foot massagers with air compression (ahhhhh) under my desk. In fact you can hide it under her desk with a bow on it for Mother’s Day for a sweet surprise.

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Home office gifts for mom: This therapy neck massager is a splurge but wow will she love it

Theragun Elite Therapy Massager 
$399, Nordstrom
Also at Amazon for $390

If you love the massager idea, and you really want to splurge on something extra special to help her get out those neck kinks from WFH life, this high-tech, app-connected, Bluetooth therapy massager kit gets super high marks from athletes and desk jockeys alike. In fact Liz has one herself at home and says it’s truly magical — and she spends a lot of time at her desk!


Home office gifts for mom: A custom photo calendar at Minted in lots of styles and options

Home office gifts for mom: A custom photo calendar at Minted

Custom photo calendar
$39, Minted, plus discount, below

By now, she probably has a decent planner (or see this list if she doesn’t), so I love the idea of a small calendar as a home office gift for a mom. He, we will never say no to a gift that helps us stay organized and gaze nostalgically at our (absolutely quiet) kids. Add some color-coded metallic pens for marking projects or big days, and it’s the perfect home office gift for an organized mom.

Home office gifts for mom: Rifle Paper Co pencils with a pretty pencil holder

Rifle Paper Co pencils and a pretty pencil holder 
$12-14, The Container Store

It’s not weird to swoon over pencils, is it? I hope not because I’d totally love this for Mother’s Day for my own home office. They’re so pretty!


Home office gifts for mom: a chic wireless charging station and catch-all for her desk


Catch 3 wireless charging station 
$140, Courant

You can either give her a retina-scanning padlock so the kids won’t steal her favorite phone charger — or check out the gorgeous charging trays for her desk from Courant, in several fantastic colors. (Hint: go with the charging tray.)

crushing it candle: gifts for working moms on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day candle
$35, Here for the Burn

Maybe she needs a note of encouragement…

Funny candle for a cool Mother's Day gift for mom's home office, via Here for the Burn

…maybe she needs a laugh. Either way, this fun company has some great labels and lots of nice scents to choose from. They even have custom candle labels if you order soon.