We’ve reached peak bike-riding season, but if you’ve been trying to buy a quality kids’ bicycle, they aren’t as easy to find in stock right now as you might thing. (Maybe because it’s peak bike-riding season?)  That’s why a new line of bikes from leading bike manufacturer Specialized caught my eye.

What makes these bikes for kids really cool, beyond the idea that you can buy them right now, is that Specialized’s new Jett bicycles are designed to actually “grow” with your child, beyond just raising a seat. That means they’ll be able to comfortably and safely ride their wheels even after they grow a few inches taller — and we won’t be shelling out for a brand new bike so soon.

Here’s how it works.

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Specialized Jett Bicycle's extra-long, adjustable seat post

The Jett bicycle from Specialized is adjustable in three different places, to account for those growth spurts our kids are known to have the second soon as we buy them those brand new shoes they’ve been begging for — and of course, bikes.

There are two different positions for the pedals, plus adjustable handlebars to account for longer torsos and provide more comfortable steering. And while bikes always have adjustable seats that can be raised, the Jett’s extra-long seat post makes it possible to eke out even more time as your kid’s legs keep getting longer.

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Riding on the new Specialized Jett Bicycle which can be adjustable to grow with kids

As the non-mechanical family member in a family of a bunch of bike fanatics, it appears from a virtual demo that I attended that the Jett is pretty easy to adjust. Special tools and markings on the bike, along with plenty of instructions, help to make sure you get the fit just right.

Add on a quality air pump for the tires (I recommend this affordable on right from Target) and a standard bike tool kit like this one for any other minor repairs. Then, you should be all set for a good long time!

(Oh, and don’t forget the helmet! Please! My biking family really likes these Schwinn Thrasher bike helmets for kids, which are protective and affordable, should your cyclist needs a new one.)

Specialized estimates that your child will get three summers out of the Jett, which is about 50% longer riding time than most bikes.

The Specialized Jett bike for kids is designed to grow with them in smarter ways than just raising a seat

The trick is picking the right size to start as, Specialized offers four styles — two smaller, single-speed bikes (like the Jett 20 Single Speed, above) and two larger 7- or 8-speed bikes.

Right now, the two smaller sizes are sold out online (but should be restocked in the near future), but if you’re shopping for bigger kids who have already outgrown these sizes, the Jett 20″ and 24″ frames are available in a few different colors.

As you might expect, you’ll pay a premium for a to quality kids’ bicycle with adjustable features. Starting at $450, or $500+ for the larger frames, I’d consider this bike if you’re an adult who already loves to ride and want your kids to join you on bike paths and local trails; or for kids who just love being outside and spend plenty of time pedaling around the neighborhood or the yard.

You’ll also want to be sure your kid is responsible enough to take good care of a bike because I think my heart would stop if I looked outside to see that my darling child left her $400+ bike lying in the rain overnight on our front lawn!  Sacre Bleu!

So yes, the Specialized Jett bikes are definitely an investment. But if you are raising an avid bike rider and want them to have a bike they can hang onto for a while, I’m glad to have found one that kids should be able to comfortably ride until at least Summer 2024. By then, it’ll be ready to pass on to the next growing rider.

Check out Specialized’s Jett bicycles on their online site or at very select bicycle retailers. If you sign up for emails, you save 15% on your first order which is totally worth it.