We all know that re-entering the workforce is particularly hard if you’re a woman. Even more so if you’re a mom who’s taken time off to raise kids. Even more than that, if you’re a mom of color. So here’s to some incredible mentors who are doing something proactive to help.

(Like me! But we’ll get to that in a sec.)

Over the past 24 hours, my social media feeds have blown up with 40×40 initiative — in honor of Megan Markle’s 40th birthday, the Archewell Foundation’s 40×40 initiative asks mentors of all kinds to pledge 40 minutes of mentorship time, specifically for women re-entering the workforce after the pandemic.

This is a big deal, considering about 2 million U.S. women have left the workforce over the past year, through no fault of their own.

I'm offering 40 minutes of free mentoring to a woman re-entering the workforce, changing careers, or looking for a new path. Click to learn more (or participate yourself!) | #40x40

Who’s participating?

So far, I’m seeing participating mentors including Stephen + Ayesha Curry, Stacey Abrams, Katie Couric, Lauren Smith Brody (our podcast listeners know how wonderful she is!), Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Shilpa Shahr, Sarah Paulson…and so many more.

Stacey Abrams and hundreds of others are offering 40 minutes of mentorship to women re-entering the workforce. Learn more here on cool mom picks #40x40

Stacey Abrams is in!


And I am happy to join in too.

If you are in need of support, there’s a lot we can do with 40 minutes!

Just a few things I can offer to get you thinking:

– 40 minutes of resume polishing / personal bio crafting for your LinkedIn page
– 40 minutes of guidance about podcasting, writing for the web, or digital media
– 40 minutes of editing and notes on an article or book you’re working on
– 40 minutes of support for strengthening your social media presence / broadening your social networks
– 40 minutes of strategic guidance or top-line support for for a start-up or new venture
– 40 minutes of guidance on a copywriting portfolio
– 40 minutes of listening and collaborative brainstorming if you’re wondering, “ugh, I don’t even know what I should do now.”

As an award-winning EVP Creative Director in NY and LA ad agencies; as a marketing consultant; as an author, writer and podcaster; as a digital publisher for 15+ years with a dedication to supporting moms and women in particular, I know I can help someone in a meaningful way.

Also, I’m nice! Promise!

What to do if you need support:

If you’d like a chance, please comment on my personal Instagram feed @mom101 and let me know what you might need help with and why. I’ll choose one person who I think I can best support with some 1:1 time over Zoom or the phone.

Of course if I’m not the right person for you, you can follow the #40×40 hashtag on Twitter or on Instagram to find lots of truly amazing mentors, and even those offering services from 40 minutes of childcare to professional tax help.

And if course, feel free to offer any mentoring or support yourself!

As the Duchess of Sussex wrote:

I believe mentorship is one way to help women regain confidence and rebuild their economic strength, and for my birthday, I have asked 40 friends, activists, athletes, artists, and world leaders to help kickoff a global effort by contributing 40 MINUTES OF MENTORSHIP to support women re-entering the workforce. With this time, I hope they each help someone advance a professional life on her own terms, and, I hope that they inspire countless others to give 40 minutes of their time as well.