How do you get back to work after having a baby without losing your mind? How in the world can you start looking — and feeling — human again when you feel anything but? How do you carve out me-time¬†when it seems least likely?

And the big one: Is it possible to ever get rid of mommy guilt when you’re a working mom?

We’ve got answers!

This week while Kristen was traveling (sniff) I was so fortunate to sit down for¬†a fun, honest, and incredibly helpful chat on this week’s episode of¬†Spawned with Lauren Smith Brody, former Glamour magazine executive editor, working mom champion, and author of the popular new Fifth¬†Trimester Handbook: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big¬†Success After Baby.¬†

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Some links from the show:

-New study: The best and worst states for working moms in the US.

-Spawned Episode 57: 10 things never to say to a working mom!

-6 favorite time-saving beauty products for busy mornings.

-Another cosmetic time saver: 3 of Kristen’s favorite BB Creams¬†

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Cool Picks of the Week

Tinkersphere is a great resource for kits, robots + STEM gifts for young tinkerers, including Raspberry Pi kits to build your own computer

Lauren’s¬†cool pick of the week: Tinkersphere is a fabulous resource for STEM components, robots, tech toys, and other gifts for young tinkerers including Raspberry Pi kits¬†allowing kids to build their own computers. And it’s Cool Mom Tech approved!

Liz’s cool pick of the week: The Princess Bride¬†returns to theaters for its 30th anniversary. Get tickets now!