With everything going on in the world right now, kids are extra-stressed, they’re extra-restless, they’re extra-anxious, and, if they have siblings, they’re fighting. Yay! So what’s a parent to do to help manage it all? After a few listeners asked us to take on this topic, we brought back Dr Sheryl Ziegler, psychologist, family counselor, and best-selling author of Mommy Burnout, and a past guest on one of our most popular Spawned episodes.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler on how to manage sibling fights and keep the peace at home | Spawned Parenting Podcast with Kristen + Liz

We know you’ll love her thoughtful, helpful insights to help parents figure out what we can do about sibling fights, when we should step in, when we should leave it be, how to avoid shaming as a tactic, and how to create strong rules for conflict resolution so that hopefully we can keep the peace as much as possible.

We all need more peace, right?


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