When I recently spotted the Alivia clothing line on a friend’s Instagram, and learned all the clothes were created by adults with autism, I knew I had to share it here.

We’ve always been thrilled to spread the news about big brands creating inclusive clothing and shoes (and even backpacks), but Alivia takes this to the next level.

As the parent of a child with a developmental disability — and she happens to have a knack for art herself — I’m so excited about this company.

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Pajamas from the Alivia

Tee from the Alivia clothing line created by adults with autism

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Each textile used in the Alvia clothing line is the artistic work of an adult with autism. They create the designs in art therapy sessions, and Alivia pays them a fair wage for the usage of their original designs.

From there, fashion designers transform the original art into sustainable fabric that will become pajamas, dresses, shirts, skirts and more, with a dedication to keeping the artist’s original vision for their work. Plus, an additional 10% of every purchase goes back to the non-profit art therapy program that the artists work with.



Artist William Choi creates designs for the Alivia clothing line created by adults with autism

Art by Yu Chen for the Alivia clothing line created by adults with autism


I love that this company respects the artist’s perspective, and isn’t using their work as an opportunistic way to make a buck while claiming to support special needs.

Alivia even stitches a QR code into each garment so the consumer can learn the full story of the artist on each piece — something we value in all kinds of companies, going back to FashionABLE

So as you’re doing your fall shopping this year, consider adding some pieces from Alivia to your collection. they’re beautiful garments and you’ll wear them even more beautifully knowing your purchase has provided a fair wage to incredible artists.