We keep saying that we often get our best parenting podcast topic ideas from our readers, and a lot of you have asked for support navigating step-parenting. And that’s just what we’re talking about, in this dynamic, wonderful chat with Certified Parenting Coach and educator, Naja Hall.

She’s the founder of the largest blended family community for millennials, Blended and Black, and she founded VIPStepmom.com, a community for — you guessed it — stepmoms, like herself.

Pretty amazing journey coming from someone who swore she’d never date a man with kids!

On this episode, we chat about the biggest issues she hears from blended families, her frank (and often hilarious) tips for how to handle some of the challenges of welcoming new kids into your life, navigating tricky divorces, and ways to become a valued step-parent — or to make sure your own kids feel valued by a new adult in their lives. Even if it’s not someone in your own home.

And honestly, some of her tips are terrific for traditional not-so-blended families too.

Listen right now, here or through your favorite podcast app — but also, take a few seconds and make sure you’re a subscriber so that you never miss an episode. If you have a few moments and can leave us a review, that would be amazing! (We’re so thrilled with some of our latest reviews so thank you!)

Tips on step-parenting from Parenting Coach Naja Hall, founder of Black & Blended and VIP Stepmom | Spawned Parenting Podcast

Advice for being a great step-parent with Coach Naja Hall | spawned parenting podcast

You can also catch Naja on her own popular podcast, I Know I’m Crazy with Naja Hall and check out her Amazon best-selling Girl, Bye! book series.


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