Hamilton fans! Drop everything because I’ve just discovered that the Hamilton Funko Pop figures and keychains — you know, the ones that super fans have been eagerly awaiting — are now available and starting to ship earlier than expected. How lucky we are to be alive right now, am I right?

Considering how much we’re craving small moments of joy these days, it feels like the perfect timing to preorder.

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How to get your hands on the Hamilton Funko Pop collection. We've been waiting!


I love that as part of the Funko Pop: Broadway collection, the figures are clearly inspired by the original cast, right down to Lin Manuel Miranda’s goatee.

And of course you’ll find Aaron Burr (Sir), George Washington, and all three Schuyler sisters.

Yes, and Peggy. Of course. But no King George. At least right now. (Sorry, Groff!)

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Funko Pop Hamilton collection now here based on the original cast

Funko Pop: Broadway featuring the new Hamilton Collection. We want all three Schulyer sisters!


I think think any of these would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer (if you opt for the keychains) for a young, scrappy, and hungry friend or Broadway-loving kid on your gift list this year.

And also anyone at all who tends to misplace their keys.


We're flipping over this Anglica Schuyler Funko pop keychain!

Lin-Manuel’s Tee Rico website as well as Amazon indicate that as of yesterday, they’re in stock and ready to ship, sooner than the original October date.

My advice? If you have these on your holiday wish list, don’t throw away your shot at getting these before they sell out. Or start being scalped for 10x the price on eBay.

Find the entire Hamilton Funko Pop Collection on Amazon, or via Tee Rico.

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