Now that more of us know that voting isn’t just something we talk about on Election Day, and certainly not just every four years, I think this new women VOTE puzzle is the most wonderful gift for a civic-minded friend.

Officially titled “Women Will Decide” (catch that clever use of the O in VOTE?)  it was created by artist — and full disclosure, my good friend — Katherine Gooch-Breault.

it’s bright, it’s optimistic, and it would look pretty incredible on any coffee table considering I could stare at it all day.

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Women VOTE jigsaw puzzle by artist Katherine Gooch-Breault

Some of you may recognize the distinctive design from her popular coffee mug (I own one!) or Christmas ornament, which made it into last year’s list of our favorite holiday gifts under $15. Hoping the ornament will be back again this year.

Whatever you like, it’s nice to know it’s a way of voting with your wallet — you get to support a terrific, independent female artist with your purchase, and I can assure you that she, in turn, will go and support other women herself.

Women VOTE mug by artist Katherine Gooch-Breault

Find the women VOTE puzzle exclusively from The Nation Magazine store online so its also a great way to support smart, independent journalism. You can see the design on other items from Katherine Gooch-Breault’s Zazzle shop, KatGB_Designs