My first cool pick of 2022 just had to be this sweetly illustrated Betty White Mug from artist, maker and online Insta-friend Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lilli. So many of us were just crushed Betty White’s passing at 99, even if we couldn’t ask for much more than a near-century of joy, good humor, candor, well-placed F-bombs, and views that pushed the world forward.

Of all the issues that mattered to us, best known may be her love and support for animals — and not just rescue pets.

Little known fact: she personally paid for a private plane to relocate Audubon Aquarium otters and penguins from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

That’s why I love that Jennifer will donate a portion of profits from the mug and her other Betty White gifts in her shop to Best Friends Animal Society on January 17th, which would have been the actress’s 100th birthday. It’s part of the Betty White Challenge, in which people are giving back or donating to animal charities on January 17th.

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Betty White "Thank you for Being a Friend" mug from Sophie and Lily: Profits help support the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ?

One of the other things Betty White was known for? Vodka.

Feel free to drink one on the rocks in her honor, maybe right out of the mug.

Find the sweet Thank You For Being a Friend mug from Jennifer Vallez on her shop Sophie and Lili and order by 1/17 to help support animal rescue. The mug makes a thoughtful gift for so many friends — and mothers and daughters who feel like friends.

You can also feel free to donate to your own favorite Animal Rescue organization or local shelter for the viral #BettyWhiteChallenge