Just when I think I have my kids’ artwork organized, more of it appears. So I’m perpetually on the lookout for creative solutions to display my kids’ artwork in a way that makes those watercolor rainbows and handprint turkeys still look polished and streamlined.

Or at least as polished and streamlined as a handprint turkey can look.

I’m grateful for all of these ideas, both DIY and professional, so you can find the artwork display options that’s that’s right for you. And as someone who’s not  that far beyond my children’s artistic levels, I’m grateful for the ready-to-purchase solutions too.

Top image: Gallery art rails | Crate and Barrel 

– Updated for 2022 –

10 ideas for displaying and organizing your kids’ artwork

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1. Hang kids’ artwork, museum style

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: DIY gallery wall | Design Improvised

I’ve always loved the look of gallery walls, but I’ve never quite had a big enough kids’ art collection to make one myself. Well, now that my son has started preschool, I think I could make one of these awesome DIY kids’ art gallery walls in every room. Check Design Improvised for her excellent tutorial, and some really great tips.

2. Pop kids’ artwork into a dynamic frame

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Triple frame at Amazon

If you want to skip the whole DIY framing process, try this triple gallery frame, which has a slot in the side of each photo frame to make it easier to slide artwork in and out. You can also buy a single or quadruple frame; or mix and match based on the space you’re trying to fill.

L'il Davinci art cabinet holds up to 50 pieces of your kids' artwork for display

Another brand that does the job: L’il DaVinci art cabinets, which Christina recently shared in her article about affordable ways to update the family room. It will actually hold up to 50 pieces of artwork, so you don’t even have to take one out to put the next one in — it’s all stored right in the frame (also keeping the clutter out of drawers and closets).


3. Hang a clothesline for a rotating gallery of kids’ artwork 

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Clothesline display of kids’ artwork | Fresh Crush

If you’re wondering how to display your kids’ artwork in a less permanent way, check out this clothesline display of kids’ artwork from Fresh Crush, which is designed to hold a changing rotation of your current faves.

Once you’ve replaced one round of your kids’ with another, consider digitizing the old pictures through an app (or just store in a folder on your digital photo album) or turning them into a keepsake photo book — more on that below.


The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: JS Kids Gallery Etsy shop | artist palette clothespin line 

How cute is this rainbow palette set for displaying kids’ art with an upgrade to clothespins and a clothesline? I found this at JS Kids Gallery Etsy shop, and it’s an easy, inexpensive upgrade to the DIY version.

4. Display kids’ art on gallery art rails

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Crate and Barrel | Gallery art rail 

If you don’t want to bother with frames — or have a few 3-D pieces that aren’t flammable — I love these simple gallery art rails at Crate and Barrel. They mimic a modern-looking floating shelf, but hold kids’ artwork securely in place. They also make it super easy to rotate art seasonally or when you run out of space.

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5. Turn your kids’ artwork into a professionally framed mosaic

Artkive preserves kids artwork as beautifully, matted and framed mosaics -- and they do all the work for you!

We’ve written about Artkive since they were a mere app for preserving and archiving (get it?) kids’ artwork; now you can ship your kids’ work to them and they’ll turn it into beautiful matted and framed mosaic art of your kids’ artwork. It really is lovely, and while you’ll pay for the service, you’re getting professional work.

6. Turn your kids’ artwork into a keepsake poster

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Heart photo collage print | Minted

For another clever way to display your kids’ artwork, we’ve always liked the heart photo collage print from Minted, which they’ve now updated with custom captions to make it even more personalized. Photograph each of your child’s favorite pieces, from the scribbles to the masterpieces (which may also be scribbles),then add captions like “Emma’s first happy face” or “kindergarten self-portrait.”

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7. Turn your kids’ artwork into abstract name art

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Name artwork display | Itsy Art


Another option I think is so clever is the name artwork display or the thumbprint kids’ art collages from Itsy Art  — such fantastic ways to display your kids’ more abstract artwork and preserve the essence of them. Especially beautiful if you’ve got watercolors or paintings to work with that can really fill that space.

8. Fill a professional photo book with your kids’ art

The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Custom art photo book | Plum Print


Plum Print is one of the original services allowing you to ship your artwork out, and have it come back as a beautiful hardcover or softcover art photo book. It’s particularly nice that they’ll allow you to ship out 3D artwork as well, like small sculptures or those landscapes made with cotton ball clouds.
The best ideas for displaying kids' artwork: Artkive app | Professionally photographed kids' art book
Another option is Artkive, which will do all the work preserving kids artwork in keepsake albums, in addition to offering the framed mosaics mentioned above.

9. Fill a DIY photo book with your kids’ art

The Color series photo books from Artifact Uprising can also be used to preserve kids' artwork by month or year

If you want to DIY a keepsake album, don’t miss our comprehensive comparison of our 9 favorite custom photo book services, which also happen to work beautifully for kids’ artwork that you photograph yourself.  The Artifact Uprising Color Series Keepsake Albums, shown here, let you create albums by month, season, year, class — you name it. And the price is so affordable!

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10. Digitize + catalog your kids artwork on your phone

Ways to preserve and organize kids artwork: The Keepy app does a nice job and includes photos and video too

If you’re really strapped for time, or organization just truly isn’t your thing, consider the Keepy app. It lets you preserve, organize, and sort your kids’ artwork and mementos including school work, photos, and even videos — should you want to mix in a shot of your child proudly holding up that 3-D diorama right along with the closeup photo of the diorama itself. Brilliant idea, especially when you have too many collages, sculptures, and multi-dimensional creations than you have shelves.