As the war intensifies in Ukraine, so does the worldwide support, and that includes gifts supporting Ukraine like the ones I’m sharing here.

We love that there are so many organizations helping Ukraine right now, and while we encourage donating generously to your favorite non-profits if you can, we are also so thrilled to see how many independent businesses and small makers are creating products that give back.

Not just give back a little — but 100% of the proceeds from all of the products featured here are donated to various Ukrainian charities and humanitarian organizations, to aid to those people directly impacted in the war zone since the attack on Ukraine.

I hope you’ll consider shopping these gifts supporting Ukraine for yourself, for a friend, for an Easter basket or a Mother’s Day gift.

For many of us, the ability to physically wear your heart on your sleeve — or head, or wrist, or phone —  is another small way we can spread the word, start conversations, and speak out against this awful, unnecessary, cruel war.


11 gifts that give back 100% to Ukraine

Ukraine Sticker and Mug from Jennifer Vallez

Jennifer Vallez always creates the most beautiful designs that support so many of the causes close to our hearts. Her collection of gifts supporting Ukraine include stickers and mugs with a sweet illustration of a Ukrainian woman in traditional clothes, holding a blue and yellow heart.

(There’s also another image with a uh… much more direct message about Putin if you’d prefer an R-rated version.)

Grab a mug for yourself and a friend — $5 from each purchase is donated directly to toward their Ukrainian humanitarian efforts. However you add a sticker (or three) for all of the water bottles in your life, 100% of the sticker proceeds will be donated, and she’s already raised thousands.

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Handmade Sunflower Earrings by Farah Brigante of Naaz Design Co

We recently featured Farah Brigante’s hand flower sunflower collection of earrings, with 100% of the profits from these sweet gifts supporting Ukraine going to World Central Kitchen’s efforts at the border of Poland and Ukraine. They just so adorable, and every time you get a compliment it creates an opportunity to share the word about how others can support Ukrainians. Find them at her Etsy shop, Naaz Design Co.


Ukraine CARE Bracelet at leMel

100% of the proceeds from this blue and yellow heart stretch bracelet from le Mel are going to CARE, which provides immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance — prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly. Isn’t it just lovely? This bracelet ships in 4 weeks, so if you are considering adding it to an Easter basket, order soon.

I stand with Ukraine phone case from Olde Soul: 100% of the profits are donated to an incredible cause to support Ukraine

Gifts supporting Ukraine are not all jewelry, of course. Olde Soul Barbershop is a Ukrainian-owned business based in Austin and they’ve created a Ukrainian capsule collection  of products, with 100% of the proceeds of all products donated to Razom for Ukraine, plus Ukraine’s main charity fund to support Ukrainian Armed Forces and Aid For Misplaced Families.

This I Stand With Ukraine phone case is part of the collection and a new phone case is always a good thing. Take a look at the Brave Ones… smartphone case as well, which features a wonderful quote.


Stand with Ukraine sweatshirt from Olde Soul Barbershop: 100% donated to key organizations supporting Ukraine

I stand with Ukraine tee from Olde Soul: 100% of proceeds go to some of the most impactful Urkainian orgs

Also from Old Soul are a series of terrific tees, tanks and sweats featuring slogans like the simple “I Stand with Ukraine” sweatshirt in many styles (shown at very top) — or this black I Stand with Ukraine tee.  100% of these are donated to Come Back Alive as well.

(If you want a gift supporting Ukraine that’s more edgy,  feel free to check out the grassroots rallying cry “Russian Warship, Go F*ck Yourself!” on a sweatshirt or tee. If you don’t know what that refers too — well, it’s a great story of bravery and resistance.)


Bonfire мир • Ukraine Peace Fundraiser

Bonfire is a bit like a Society 6 or Red Bubble, featuring items from independent t-shirt designers. I love this t-shirt from Kulfi, which says “peace” in both Ukranian and Russian.100% of the proceeds are donated to Razom the organization sending much needed supplies to Ukraine, from tourniquets to satellite phones.

Stand with Ukraine floral tee on Bonfire: 100% of profits support Revived Soldiers Ukraine

If you are looking for other t-shirts as gifts supporting Ukraine, be sure to check out the entire Ukraine selection at Bonfire. They are all wonderful, and each donate to different organizations — like this Stand with Ukraine floral tee, beautifully designed by Olga Muzician Studio and supporting Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

The Lapis Heart Charms by Ten Thousand Things are donating proceeds to support Ukraine | Find them at Muse x Muse

Not only are these Lapis Lazuli and 18K Yellow Gold Heart Charms by Ten Thousand Things stunning, and 100% of the proceeds benefit the Red Cross Ukraine. There are two different hearts available at Muse X Muse from the lauded design team of Ron Anderson and David Rees, and I think either one would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift — either for a charm bracelet she already owns, or hanging from a chain, all on its own.

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SoapherbCo Support Ukraine Soap

The Denver-based Etsy shop Soapherb Co has created this sweet Support Ukraine handmade soap — and it’s nice to find a gift that’s so affordable that gives back. 100% of the profits support refugees through UNICEF. These would also be perfect non-sugary addition to Easter baskets, don’t you think? But hurry — they seem to be flying out of her shop.

JUNKHeadband.Ukraine Flag


Shopping for a runner or an athlete?  JUNK Headbands is a wonderful company, based in Arkansas, and dedicated to the culture of empowerment. They’re donating 100% of profits from all Ukrainian Flag headbands to support The Voices of Children Foundation, which has helped children affected by the ongoing war against Ukraine since 2015.

Donations will help provide psychological and psychosocial support to children – because as we know, children are often the helpless victims of adult decisions.


UkraineCandle from Door County Candle Co

Finally, I really wanted to share this vanilla scented Ukraine Candle created by Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani. She’s the Ukrainian-American owner of Door County Candle Company, and created it as her own way to make a difference for those in immediate need right now. She’s donating 100% of the proceeds to Razom for Ukraine — just know that because the candles are made in small batches, expect delivery in 7-14 days. Worth the wait.