Let’s be honest, the world sucks a whole lot these days. So I thought this would be a good week for a light, fun episode of Spawned just to take your mind off the world — something my guest Wendi Aarons happens to be very good at. Which is why I invited her back!

The award-winning humorist, McSweeney’s contributor, and author of the popular middle-grade book¬†Ginger Mancino: Kid Comedian is talking all about the importance of funny girls in books, funny women in life, teaching kids comedy, and the road from wanting just to be “nice” to being hilarious enough to write for the New Yorker and join US Weekly’s fashion police.

She may even inspire you to find new ways to use your own voice to do something meaningful, and to reinvent yourself…even at middle age. Like she did.

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Wendi Aarons on teaching funny girls to become funny women | Spawned podcast episode 280

In addition to grabbing a copy of¬†Ginger Mancino: Kid Comedian for the kids,¬†you can now pre-order Wendi’s newest book, I’m Wearing Tunics Now:¬†On Growing Older, Better, and a Hell of a Lot Louder,¬†from Amazon or your favorite indie bookstore. Or as she puts it, “I have a middle grade book and now a middle-age book.”

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

The pedicure color for fall: Londontown Lakur's Beau of the City

Wendi: The limited series Under the Banner of Heaven on Hulu is a great way to stay home in the air conditioning. (I agree!) Andrew Garfield is just fantastic. You might even check out the original 2004 Under the Banner of Heaven book by John Krakauer, an investigation of the horrifying and bizarre murders that inspired the film adaptation.

Liz:¬†I’ve fallen in love with LondonTown Nail Lakur, the first non-gel polish I’ve found that actually stays on for a week or more — even with all the typing and dishwashing and kid-wrangling I do. This orange¬†is pretty hot for summer, but I loooove the range of blues¬†including Beau of the City, above, which is going to adorn my toes all fall.

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