As the daughter of an immigrant and a long-time resident of Massachusetts, I watched in disgust as Florida’s governor tried to humiliate and punish vulnerable migrants by flying them, unannounced, to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Without any support systems in place, island residents scrambled to feed, clothe, and shelter these men, women, and children who had left their country in search of a better life.

Such cruelty from those in power no longer surprises me, but as a parent, one way we can push back is by making sure our kids are taught to welcome immigrants to this country. Along with reading books about the immigrant experience, I’m also loving the refugee-supporting activity boxes from Alltruists, a company we featured in last year’s post, 3 unique subscription boxes for kids that teach the values of gratitude, kindness, and giving back to others.

Alltruists activity kit welcomes refugees

Their hands-on Refugees Impact Kit speaks to kids about welcoming refugees using age-appropriate learning materials which include real-life stories of families who have found themselves in a strange country.

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Kids will also personalize a welcome kit for a child who has recently arrived in the United States. They’ll decorate a drawstring backpack, weave a friendship bracelet, and create a greeting card which is then all packaged together in the prepaid envelope and sent to nonprofit partner, Miry’s List. Miry’s List also receives a $5 donation from Alltruists so that they can continue to do the important work of making refugees feel more welcome as they get settled into their new lives.

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Alltruists Refugees Mini Kits for kids

Alltruists’ Refugees Mini Kit is a terrific option if you want separate activities for a bunch of kids–maybe for siblings or to do as part of a playgroup or school activity. At only $10 each, it’s a smaller version of the original, but with items that are still sent directly to Miry’s List for distribution.

In addition, you can donate directly to Miry’s List, as well as organizations like RAICES, which serve immigrants and refugees across the country, and Alianza Americas, which is leading the suit on behalf of the Martha’s Vineyard families. Every little bit helps to push back and support the people who come to this country to start a new life. . .like my mom and countless others.