I have been thinking a lot about the pressure on moms to make the holidays magic! Perfect! Memorable! Fun all day and all night! But what we don’t talk about enough, is how we can have more fun over the holidays — not necessarily to make more fun. And the perfect person to discuss this with me on Spawned this week is Margaret Ables, the co-host of your other favorite parenting podcast, What Fresh Hell.

Why moms need to have more fun during the holidays: Margaret Ables of What Fresh Hell podcast with Liz Gumbinner of Spawned

Take a listen right now for some terrific tips, sweet memories (the pancakes for dinner story made our engineer John tear up), really smart insight and a lot of laughter. We’re all about taking the pressure off. Because one thing you shouldn’t feel: the pressure to make BE THE FUN MOM one more thing on your holiday to-do list.

(And don’t get me started on the elf/shelf business.)

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Books are Magic, the cool indie bookstore, now in Brooklyn Heights | via @ booksaremagic on InstagramImage: Books Are Magic on Instagram

Margaret’s Cool Picks of the Week: She has rediscovered the love of books by reading fun page-turners. She also gets books on Kindle and Audible at the same time, so she can trade off — and now she’s finishing 50 books a year! (PS Liz recently wrote about her tip for getting into audiobooks and now she’s reading more too!)

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Local neighborhood bookstore like Books Are Magic in their new Brooklyn location are perfect for last-minute gifts. (And D’OH I mentioned Books of Wonder which is also a terrific local bookstore, but it’s in Manhattan, not Brooklyn. You could see why I confused them!) You can also go to bookstore.org to shop independent bookstores online or to libro.fm for audiobooks that support indie booksellers, as an alternative to Audible too.

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Top image: Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash