This much is clear about parents right now: We’re stressed. We’re tired. We’re anxious. We’re sad. We’re coping in any way we can, all while taking care of our kids’ feelings too. Ā So the big question is, is it selfish to want to find ways to be a happier parent these days? Or at least want the kids to put away the darn dishes? Author and parenting columnistĀ KJ Dell’AntoniaĀ has joined us again this week (yay!), and we’re talking about that very thing.

As it turns out, YES being happy is a good thing… for all of us. So, how do we do it? What do we prioritize? How do we find the silver linings?

Take a listen to our latest episode for some terrific tips and honest talk about what it means to be a happy parent these days, how it’s different Ā from before, and mostly, how it’s the same. You’ll come away feeling pretty good about yourself, we think.

You can listen right here or through your favorite podcast app, and be sure you’ve subscribed to Spawned on Apple Podcasts so you never miss an episode. Have you left us a 5-star review yet? Please do! That makes us happy! Which we now know is a good thing for all.

And hey, KJ isn’t just the author of How to Be a Happier Parent, she’s coming out with her first novel, The Chicken Sisters, which looks absolutely hilarious and perfect for this year’s summer reading. Preorder it now on Amazon, Indiebound, or ask your favorite local bookstores to set one aside for you.

The Chicken Sisters: Best-selling author and parenting columnist KJ Dell'Antonia's first novel

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Cool pick of the week: You Will Be Able to Draw By the End of This Book is great for indoor fun right now

KJ: You Will Be Able to Draw By the End of this Book by Jake Spicer has been inspiring creativity in her and her kids.

Cool pick of the week: The perfect sports bra for large chests, from Brooks

Liz: Finally found the best sports bras for bigger chests. And even a backup for medium-impact workouts. Whoo!

Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker!

Kristen: This Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker is giving her a little joy she needs right now in her day. With a hat tip to @EricSketch on Instagram