January 1 is my favorite holiday, and making New Year’s resolutions is my favorite way to celebrate. Okay, that and cleaning out my closets! (I know, I’m a party animal). I know that there are various approaches to New Year’s resolutions, many of which we’ve featured here, but the old tried and true method of setting intentions is what has worked best for me.

This year, however, I’m going to set myself up for success, by actually figuring out ways (think products, services, apps…you get the idea) in which I can actually accomplish these new year’s resolutions. That’s why I’m so excited about our newest sponsor Mylio Photos, who I’ll be tapping to help me get all of my digital life (photos, videos, documents, oh my) in order in 2023. Thankfully, this service is so easy to use, that I’ll probably be done by the end of the month, maybe sooner. Stick around and learn more about what they can do. And don’t miss our very special offer below.

With that in mind, here are my 4 new year’s resolutions (some small, some lofty), with lots of resources to help me get started. Here’s hoping that these inspire you, too.

4 New Year's resolutions you can actually tackle and lots of resources to help! | in partnership with Mylio PhotosThis post contains affiliate links, which help support our team at no additional cost to you

Exercise. For Real. 

My Resolution: Over the recent years, I’ve really struggled to find a regular exercise routine. I’ve tried everything from Barre classes to Orange Theory to running, but I really struggle prioritizing my time for exercise. This has zero to do with my size, shape, or weight, by the way; I know that exercising is important for my mental and physical health. I feel better when I exercise, and walking the dogs once a day is not cutting it.

Tips to Help: With a small gym in my neighborhood, I’ve got pretty much everything I need just a few steps away, but I definitely do better with classes than just heading to the gym where I find myself very easily distracted. That’s why I’m going to enlist the help of Obe Fitness, an app that offers a ton of really awesome classes, from yoga to HIIT, that I can take at home (where I actually have weights) or at the gym.

I’m also considering investing in a desk treadmill so that I can walk while I work during the day. That’s one simple way I can guarantee getting more steps in, without having to completely reconfigure my lifestyle. And hey, even a standing desk would be good for me.

Get Your Digital Life Together

My Resolution: When my youngest daughter’s school needed a baby photo for the 6th-grade moving-up celebration, I found myself tearing apart my computer, my old phone, and all my social media accounts to find one. Let’s just say that was the final straw in a long history of not being able to find photos (and other important documents) when I needed them. As my kids are getting older, I want them to be able to access all of the digital files I’ve saved over the years.

Mylio Photos helps you archive, organize, and safely share your photos | sponsor

Tips to Help: Considering I’ve got files across multiple platforms, a service like our sponsor Mylio Photos is the answer I’ve been looking for. And there’s no need to go through and delete duplicates or things you don’t need before you use it. You can literally create an account, download the app on all your gadgets, and then do all the “dirty work” when everything is together in one safe place. They sync everything locally (on my own computer or hard drive) so it’s safe to store and share — and then I can simply pull up what I need, when I need it. It’s easy because you can organize everything by face, by calendar, by albums… very helpful categorization.

And it’s not just photo and video organization by the way. Think scans of old family photos, the artwork you snapped and tossed, report cards or school honors that are gathering dust in some plastic container in your basement. I’m quite certain that by the end of January, I’ll have this all done, thanks to Mylio Photos — and you can too.

Drink More Water

My Resolution: I’m not even kidding when I say that about 42.5% of my problems could probably be solved by drinking more water. Between my skin, my stomach, and my mood (thanks, perimenopause), I keep reading that upping the amount of water I drink can help.

Tips to Help: I have learned that if I want to drink more water, I need a cup with a straw, and I need it to be icy cold. So I’m investing in one of these Stanley cups with a straw that everyone is raving about. And while I’m still on the fence about this portable ice machine — I do have two friends who swear by it! –I have a feeling it could get my whole entire family to drink more water.

Self-Care Through Connections 

My Resolution:We’ve spoken a lot about self-care here at Cool Mom Picks, and I’ve come to learn that it’s pretty complex. While it’s certainly about taking time for yourself (reading books and taking long baths do count!), it’s also about caring for yourself with medical appointments, therapy, exercise, and social connections too. Rina Raphael has a lot to say about that in her book The Gospel of Wellness. So this year, I want to put some effort back into those personal relationships, like seeing my people for coffee, going to parties I might normally pass on, and supporting my friends in their accomplishments too.

Tips to Help: It’s easy to be overwhelmed as parents because we do so many things. So my plan is to start simple: make an effort to see at least one friend, whether it’s at an event or just for coffee, at least once a month. I also plan to connect with at least one long-distance friend once a month using Marco Polo, a fun video app I started using during the pandemic.I know that by giving myself manageable goals like these, I’m more likely to achieve them.

Thanks to our awesome sponsor, Mylio Photos. Give their service a try. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!