This year for a Father’s Day gift, rather than order a gift basket for Dad that may or may not be filled with items that are meaningful and personal, I decided to create my own baskets.

Below are the five gift baskets themes I am personally making this year, and I hope my ideas inspire you to create a personalized gift basket that is unique and personal for the dads in your life.

One of the great things about doing it yourself is that you can tailor the items so that they are unique to his interest, so the gift really does feel made “just for him.” Because it was.

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Now keep in mind, none of these gift baskets actually require a “basket,” which I see as just one more thing that gets tossed in the back of a closet somewhere. Instead, get creative with a container that can actually be used and reused.

5 creative DIY gift basket themes for dads

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DIY Gift Basket Idea 1: For the Dad Who Loves the Outdoors

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket for Dad who loves the outdoorsWhether heading out on a day hike or a camping trip, any dad who loves the outdoors will appreciate a thoughtfully curated selection all of things he may not buy for himself — or may actually forget to pack for himself. Think of ideas like:

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DIY Gift Basket Idea 2: For the New Dad

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket for the New DadNew Dads are so much fun to celebrate, and you can get so creative with a DIY Father’s Day gift basket filled with all the things they don’t know they’ll need! This basket can include:

DIY Gift Basket idea 3: For the Dad who loves Ted Lasso

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket for Dad who Loves Ted Lasso

My entire household is in love with Ted Lasso, but the biggest fan is by far my husband. Each week’s new episode has turned into an entire preparation ritual, but just because the series is over doesn’t mean the love has to be. So I’m putting together a DIY Ted Lasso gift basket for him that will hopefully help fill the empty place that has been left in his AFC Richmond-loving heart.

While you can pick any show he adores for a DIY gift basket theme — Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Bear, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown — here’s what I included in my Ted Lasso gift basket:

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DIY Gift Basket Idea #4: For the Dad who loves playing games

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket for Dad who likes to play gamesMy kids have grown up playing games of all kinds with their dad, and this DIY gift basket idea can help you refresh his game stash for Father’s Day. You can of course fill a big plastic garage-style storage bin with any games the dad in your life likes to play from board games, to outdoor games, to video games key can play alone or with the family. The key is to make it personalized around his own loves and interests. For inspiration, check out the DIY basket I’m making:

DIY Gift Basket Idea #5: For the Dad who loves music

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket for the Dad who loves music

If the dad in your life loves music, there are endless possibilities for a DIY gift basket for him! These are just a few of my ideas for the dad in my life who carries his bluetooth speaker with him wherever he goes; but of course you should customize it based on his own taste, style, interests, and music-enjoyment needs.