Homemade Father’s Day cards are so perfect, whether they’re from kids old enough to manage their own craft supplies, or you know, “from the baby.” In fact we all feel like a homemade card should be part of any Father’s Day gift you’re giving him, and we have found some lovely, fairly simple ideas here that you can easily whip up by Father’s Day Sunday.

Some are simple DIYs, some involve free Father’s Day printables, some yield sweet keepsake booklets, and some offer prompts so that even younger kids can fill in the blanks, with your penmanship to help.

Of course if you’re looking for cool Father’s Day gifts, handmade crafts for dad, or delicious treats for Father’s Day. we’ve got you covered there too in our 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

8 ideas for adorable DIY Father's Day cards from the kids: Printables, craft projects, coloring pages and more | Cool Mom Picks Father's Day Gift Guide

Just one word before you proceed: Tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. Not only because he’ll be so moved at the thoughtfulness, but because he’ll be LOLing at some of those perfect little daddy portraits.

Top photo: Hello Wonderful

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Handmade, DIY, and printable Father’s Day cards

Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Create an entire booklet for dad using this Father's Day template from Hello Wonderful“My Dad is Rad” homemade Father’s Day booklet | Hello Wonderful
With simple fill-in-the-blank statements and plenty of room for drawings, a homemade Father’s Day card becomes an entire booklet with help from Hello Wonderful. It’s the ideal gift from kids who have plenty to say. Just follow the instructions to make a keepsake that he’ll want to hang onto forever.

Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Personalize this free Father's Day coloring page from Tried and True with his own portraitFather’s Day portrait coloring page | Tried and True
Whether your kids are are too young to put their thoughts into words, or they’re artists who prefer coloring over writing, check out this wonderful printable Father’s Day fill-in-the-portrait coloring page. We featured this a few years ago in our post about 20 fantastic ideas for DIY Father’s Day gifts from the kids and still think it makes a great keepsake. Turn it into a card by printing this smaller on the outside of a folded sheet of paper, or add a frame and it’s a gift.

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Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Let the kids fill in this free printable booklet from Tiny Me for dad on Father's DayPrintable Fill-In-The-Blanks Father’s Day book | Tiny Me
If your kids have The Most Amazing Daddy That Ever Lived, this is the booklet for him. Designed by our friends at Tiny Me, this adorable free printable to get you started on your homemade Father’s Day card includes such winning prompts as “My Dad is faster than a __________” and “Daddy is not even afraid of __________”  You just know that the answers are going to be priceless.

Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Pasta portraits of dad, with DIY instructions and printables from Hello Wonderful.lHomemade Father’s Day “pasta portrait” card | Hello Wonderful
As long as he isn’t watching his carbs (ha), we think he’ll love to see himself made out of fusilli, macaroni, and spaghetti noodles. Borrow this idea from Hello Wonderful and be sure to check out their tips for coloring the pasta! Or, download their dad templates and the punny pasta quotes like “My Papa is No Impasta.” Corny Dad jokes included? Perfection!

Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: This Father's Day printable coloring page from Skip to My Lou makes things easy and funHomemade Father’s Day card coloring page | Skip to my Lou
This printable Father’s Day coloring page from Skip to my Lou turns into a homemade card so easily! It would make for a great Q&A session with a toddler who needs some help filling out the prompts. Or, just let your older kids fill out their own answers. I especially love this idea for a family with multiple kids who may all come up with different answers for the same dad. We can pretty much guarantee he won’t mind reading about all the different ways he’s considered the “best dad,” right?

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Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: We love this clever "love you to the moon and back" card that combines a photo and a little easy craftingLove you to the Moon and Back homemade Father’s Day Card
Put those popsicle sticks to use with this homemade Father’s Day card perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to paint and decorate. They’ll just need you to snap a photo of them climbing, to print and adhere to the ladder. I’m pretty sure any little kid will be happy to oblige you.
(We wish we could find the original source for this because it’s just fantastic!)


Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Remember both Dad and a favorite grandpa with these two printable Father's Day booklets from What Moms LoveHandmade Father’s Day Card Booklet with Coupons | What Moms Love
While you’re remembering Dad with a homemade Father’s Day Card, don’t forget Grandpa! I love these two beautifully designed printable Father’s Day booklets (and not just because they’re free). There is lots of space for personalization, as well as a page of coupons he  can redeem for things like “5 very tight hugs” or that favorite…help with around the house.

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Homemade Father's Day cards from the kids: Use Make and Take's free printable coloring pages to make this little accordion book for Dad or GrandpaHomemade Father’s Day Color-Your-Own Accordion Card | Make and Takes
I adore this clever homemade mini book from Make and Takes that folds together like an accordion. Each panel allows your kids to include any information they choose: drawings, lists of Dad’s favorite things, best memories. This is a sweet craft project for older kids who can go at it alone — without him seeing, of course. Just remember to get it in the mail in time if it’s going out to a grandpa!