Navigating the college search and admission process is rough — emotionally, practically, financially. (Eep!) It completely stressed me out, and I’m a pretty Type B mom. So learn from my mistakes! Make it easier on yourself by listening to all the helpful advice available to you.

That’s why we are so lucky to be getting pro tips from Alyse Levine, one of the foremost college counseling experts in the country. She’s not only worked with high school students at all levels at one of New York City’s most prestigious schools, she’s the former assistant director of undergrad admissions at Washington University in St. Louis.

So clearly she’s got an invaluable perspective on when to start thinking about schools, how many times to take the SATs (if at all), making a well-rounded college list, overdoing it on extracurriculars, and more. Plus, she’s wildly reassuring. Which we all need.

“We romanticize this process. It’s so American of us, to talk about this ‘dream college’…I think that’s such a false notion There are so many colleges where each and every student can be happy and successful.” – Alyse Levine



Alyse also happens to be the founder and CEO of the renown counseling service Premium Prep, who I’m so excited to welcome as our newest sponsor. And hey — you get 30 minutes of her advice absolutely free right here.

Also stay tuned for more about our cool picks of the week including Blue Moon Estate Sales, Luv Michael Granola made by adults on the autism spectrum, and the cool college dorm pick my own daughter discovered.

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