Sometimes it’s fun just sharing one cool thing I’ve found, and because I’m online basically all day, you know…looking for cool things, I’m excited to do more of this here. Today I stumbled on Fiesta Kitchen Towels and I couldn’t wait to share them. For under $15 at Wayfair, I can get a super cute set of colorful dish towels that make me happy.

Or, as happy as you can get when you’re wiping coffee grounds off the counter, or sopping up the mysterious orange juice spill on the kitchen floor that somehow got there all by itself!

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Fiesta Dish Towels - old tile pattern


The Worn Tile Pattern Fiesta Kitchen Towels (above) are the ones that caught my eye, but I also like the rainbow of stripes on the Tropical Striped Fiesta Kitchen Towels and the blue and white Plaid Fiesta Kitchen Towels at very top.

We got in the excellent, eco-conscious habit of using more dish towels and fewer power towels during quarantine, and it’s a habit that I’m pleased has stuck with us. We just keep a huge stack in a cabinet, and it’s amazing how much money it saves us over time.

Find all kinds of colorful Fiesta Ware dinnerware, serve ware, and other goodies for the kitchen at Wayfair