Over the years, we used to create the best April Fool’s posts each April 1 until it became…well, kind of a thing everyone did and readers got savvy and started expecting them. Then we started sharing the best April Fool’s pranks you could play on your kids and hey, those are still worth a peek.

But to this date, there’s one April Fool’s prank I wrote that topped them all. Let’s just say we not only got tons of comments — including comments that people later deleted after realizing they’d been punked — I was getting frantic emails from celebrities and public figures completely freaking out about it.

(And no, I won’t tell you who they were.)

Best April Fool's Prank ever (actual comments!)Actual comments

Take a peek and see if this would still be your own worst nightmare, even 10 years later. Then, feel free to share it. Ha.

And hey, be careful out there today, especially if you have teens. Fake poop and rubber cockroaches evidently never get old.