If you’ve lost track of days like we have, then you might not know that it’s April Fool’s Day tomorrow. Which used to mean all sorts of crazy Internet pranks (us included – like this one, and this one… just to link a couple), and ones we’d to do our kids. But given the current climate, we know lots of us are already about to jump out of our skin and an April Fool’s Day prank will just send us over the edge.

Charlie Capen on Twitter

Charlie pretty much sums it up.

But actually, we don’t think it’s a bad idea to consider pulling a couple April Fool’s Day pranks on your kids, and reminding them that tomorrow’s their day to shine. If they’re like my kids, they’ve been planning their pranks since last April Fool’s Day, sort of like how they plan their costumes right after Halloween is over.

Celebrating these little days brings a bit of normalcy back into our lives, which these days, we really need. Desperately. Those traditions, even if they often have to do with getting blue milk or saran wrap on the toilet, are important for our own mental health. And for your kids’ too.

April Fool's Day food pranks for kids | Hello Wonderful English Muffin Donuts

English Muffin donuts (so cruel!) by Hello Wonderful

We’re not saying you do anything ridiculous or crazy, by any means. But some of these silly April’s Day food pranks, like the grapes wrapped like chocolate eggs, or the jello juice, are cute and funny. They might just give everyone a much-needed laugh, and diversion in our days that seem to be running together. There are a bunch of fun non-food related ideas too, like my favorite: taping a bunch of streamers outside their bedroom door that they have to bust through to get out.

It really feels like we could all use a little levity right now, which we’ll happily take in the form of a bagel or English muffin donut. And the awesome surprise face when they realize it’s not a delicious donut.

Top image via Love Wednesday