Welcome to our next daily reader question, where cool moms get to share their opinions and ideas with other cool moms. (Dads welcome too.) After our first daily question about the best 80s teen movies ever (click over for the results!) it turns out you all have a whole lot of love for The Breakfast Club. 

Because, of course, you have amazing taste.

So we want to know: Which Breakfast Club character was most like you in high school? Don’t worry about gender, think personality: The popular kid? The jock? The burnout? The geek? The goth-y iconoclast? (Never really liked thinking of Allison as “the basketcase.”)

Just click the purple BEGIN button below to get started. Your answer is completely anonymous and we have no way of knowing who’s who– or who was who. It’s just for fun.

And hey, if you want to elaborate on anything at all for the community, feel free to leave a comment below on this post.

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