After seeing ads for Mott & Bow denim in my Instagram feed for a while, a friend insisted that I had to check them out. I did! And I ordered!

Turns out the brand isn’t only legit, they’re beloved by a ton of fashion editors, they have customers who swear won’t buy another brand of jeans, and whoa — they are so committed to helping you find the perfect fitting jeans, that I am wildly impressed with the website experience.

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Mott & Bow denim for women: How their jeans are designed to fit better than others

Mott & Bow Jeans: What to Expect on the Website

Mott & Bow doesn’t overwhelm you with options like the department stores — you’ve got four classic women’s jean cuts including straight-legged and mom jeans, plus a good array of washes and colors — but they still make it easy to find exactly what’s right for you.

Just click on any of their women’s jeans and you get an excellent and specific description of how they fit, how much stretch they have, the weight of the denim, and how they’re designed to sit on your waist.

But it’s that little “find my size” link that turns out to be a step beyond what I was expecting. (In other words, it’s not a lame size chart that just converts your US size to your UK size.)

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Mott & Bow jeans size finder: So smart!

Type in your height, weight, and age (because hello, that matters), select descriptors of your stomach and hips (not inches, descriptions!), and enter your bra size. Mott & Bow will reveal “your best fit” —  but it gets better.

Your size recos will follow you around the site, changing from style to style. Because the Mom Grand jeans, for example (shown below) run slimmer than the Slim Straight Ridge Jeans. And I appreciate that they acknowledge that.


Mott & Bow Mom Grand Jean for women

So now you can see why I wanted to run here and tell you about the experience! Even if my jeans haven’t arrived yet. (FWIW I got a bundle including the Slim Straight Ridge Jeans in Medium/Dark Blue, a v-neck tee, and a crew-neck tee.)

Mott & Bow Jeans: Is it worth it?

As for the price: These jeans are handcrafted in a family-run factory, and every pair is a little different in terms of the distressed look, so they’re not going to be cheap like say, jeans from a big box store. But they’re well-priced compared to the fancy labels, which are now topping $200 and $300. (Yikes.) By all acounts they’re super comfy, extremely durable, and hey, if it’s a great-fitting jean that lasts, I will pay for that.

Bonus: You get to say “fit check!” to your kids and make them roll their eyes. That’s always fun.

Mott & Bow Jeans: Secret Savings?

Mott & Bow v-neck tees: How to get them for less

Bit tip: After I checked out, I got a pop-up offer to add a tee to my order for $30 instead of the $40 retail price. Not sure if you’ll get that too, but worth looking for it.

Shop Mott & Bow jeans for men and women right now and catch some great discounts. Sales styles give up to 50% off, Plus find deals on bundles that package their best-sellers with tees for 10% off plus free shipping. Casual Fridays 4ever!