While this DIY crown and tiara kit from SuperSmalls is designed for kids, it reminds me of the homemade Mother’s Day crowns, jewelry boxes, necklaces, and other sparkly gifts my kids made me when they were young. The kit makes it so easy for kids to accomplish on their own, thanks to pre-cut crowns and tiaras — all they have to do is decorate with over 300 glitzy, blingy stickers and “jewels.”

Will 300 be enough? You tell us.

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Easy DIY Crowns for Mother's Day: Buy one kit from SuperSmalls, and one is donated to children's hospital patients

My favorite part is that the company is partnering with  Mia’s Miracles to donate one crown kit to patients at children’s hospitals for every one purchased. Because every kid deserves the chance to believe they’re part of the most magical, special, royal family ever.

SuperSmalls DIY Crown and Tiara Kit donates one back to a child in need | Mother's Day gift ideas

 Whether you want to create some coordinating royal jewels with one of their wonderful make-your-own jewelry kits is up to you. I’ll just say I still have every rainbow-colored beaded necklace and sparkly charm bracelet my kids have ever given me.

For a limited time, each sale of the DIY crown and tiara kit from SuperSmalls gives back one kit to children in need. It’s a Wonderfull Mother’s Day craft project and a fantastic birthday gift for kids too.