I shared Skura Style anti-microbial sponges when they first launched in 2018, and I’m still a subscriber who recommends them all the time. They are the best. B-E-S-T. As someone who hates housework, Skura Sponges actually make me like washing dishes, and believe me, that is saying something.

As of this week, they’re even easier to try out since Skura Style x Eva Mendez Skrubby Sponges are now available in Target and on Target.com. Where half of us basically live anyway, right?

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Skura's antimicrobial Skrubby Sponges actually make you me like washing dishes!

Skura Style x Eva Mendes Sponges now in Target!

They don’t smell (for real) because they resist bacteria, they last a good long time, and they even fade when it’s time to swap in a new one, kind of like some toothbrush bristles do. Now that you don’t need to get a whole subscription from the site to order them (though I do find that convenient), it’s easy to grab a box, try them out, and see just why so many of us are so obsessed with these sponges.

And yeah, I can’t believe I just wrote that line either.

Find Skura Style x Eva Mendez Skrubby Sponges online at Target or in stores when you’re there picking up “one thing.” I’m not exaggerating to say they’re life-changing.