Month: April 2006

Rise Up, Moms!

"Women shouldn’t be discriminated against simply because they are mothers." Any organization with a manifesto like that has our full attention. Introducing Moms Rising, a new organization that’s creating a grassroots movement of moms on the internet (hey, that’s you!) to champion family issues. Not a joiner? Activism isn’t your thing? Perfect. You’re just who they’re looking for. Moms Rising was started by two very politically connected moms in order to rally regular old moms together. The goal is to effect real change around issues we care about as mothers. Think: paid maternity/paternity leave, quality educational programming on TV,...

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PopPop? Uncle Marty? Who are They?

As a military family, we do our best to keep everyone posted on the goings on of the first grandchild. But, let’s face it, I can barely keep track of my own relatives, let alone my husband’s huge family. And, while we try to send dvds and get our daughter to talk on the phone to "DeeDee and Poppop," we still get the guilt ridden comments about how they don’t think she knows who they are anymore. So, that’s why I’m thinking about signing up for Amiglia, a family tree and photo album website that helps you keep track...

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Have a Tres Chic Earth Day

MyownbagHey, we kind of like the environment. You know, since it lets us breathe and eat and all that kind of stuff. But at the same time, we’re moms, and we know that while we want the earth to be around for a very long time, we still need things to be reasonably simple and convenient.

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I Think It’s Time to Retire the George Costanza Wallet Girls

If it takes you 45 minutes to find a credit card or you’re still carrying the receipt for your nursing pump (the one you bought in 2004), you might want to consider moving away from the wallet and into one of these great organizers from Good Morning, Morning. These Japanese inspired and totally handmade modern day "trapper keepers" of sorts will keep all your important stuff (yes even that receipt) organized and ready for you to grab; no more ticking off the person behind you in line while you search for your plastic. We love the cushy quilted look...

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De-Snot in Style

Frog When you think of baby items that make you go "awwwwwwww…." humidifiers don’t exactly spring to mind. But that’s only because no one ever thought to disguise that big plastic eyesore as a panda bear.

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Even Your Walls Will Thank You

LoripcowWe try so hard to decorate our child’s room with extra special pieces that we love and cherish. We don’t expect our kiddo to stop and stare at the beautiful fairy painting or vintage plane poster. Most likely, they fulfill our own obsessive need for everything to match.

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All That Glitters

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been living in Mississippi too long (the pizazz capital of the world), or if I’m really a 3-year-old trapped in a woman’s body – but in either case, I heart glitter. However, as a new mama and a domestic engineer, I realize that it can be kind of annoying, even for a champion swiffer-er. But not when you do it like Daria over at Glamscience. These handmade baby and toddler shirts feature a combo of original art and high quality glitter – you know, the kind that doesn’t go everywhere and is...

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As if Charlize Weren’t Enough, Now South Africa Gives Us This

If you think Chai is still all the rage, then wake up and smell 2006–Rooibos is what savvy tea drinkers are turning to these days for comfort in a cup. A red tea from South Africa, Rooibos has many of the same antioxidant properties as green tea, only without the caffeine. And it’s reported to ease insomnia, irritability, and anxiety–in other words, all the symptoms of pregnancy. And parenthood. And marriage. Herb+Ginger has a wonderful selection of Rooibos teas in exotic blends like Island Fantasy, Queen’s Caramel, and Tropical Kisses. The names alone calm you down before your lips...

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