Month: February 2007

You Are What You Carry

There’s something frustrating about spending a month searching for the perfect handbag, only to proudly wear it out of the house the first time…and run into four other people proudly wearing it out of the house. I really think there should be a rule against that.

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Kids Music, 90210

If Patrick Dempsey likes a particular crib or Courteney Cox is enamored with her new sling, I’m more than delighted for them. Really. But a celeb endorsement just doesn’t weigh too heavily in my opinion of a product. However when I hear that there’s a kids’ album out by the preschool music teacher for all of Beverly Hills–okay, I’ve got to admit I stop and take note.

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Coats to the Back of the Closet

Our lawn is covered in snow – again – but the calendar doesn’t lie: Spring really is right around the corner. While I’m looking forward to wagon rides to the park, I’m not excited about coaxing the girls into their coats, which I will then have to carry as the day goes on. Layering is the key here.

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Buying the Farm

I generally laugh when I can hear strollers coming from two blocks away. Between the clip-on plush toys with rattles, jingly balls, and squeaky stuffed animals all tethered to the stroller bar–it’s madness!

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No One Has To Know There are Diapers in There

There are so many diaper bags out there, it can make your head spin. But what’s hard to find is one that really suits the artsy mom who doesn’t really see herself carrying a diaper bag in the first place (let alone a baby). Still, those waterproof interiors are pretty convenient…

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Three Little Birds

From everything I’ve been reading, birds are the new black. Or something like that. We’re seeing them taking flight on jewelry, on artwork, on stationery, and now in perhaps one of the most welcome places, in nurseries.

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God Save the Feet

For a woman like me with an utter and undeniable shoe fetish, it absolutely blows my mind that my daughter owned a single pair of shoes until she was actually walking. Who was this practical mom? And will she please stay away until after baby #2 comes along in a couple of months?

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The Dingo Ate My Baby!

Sometimes we just find a kids tee that makes us laugh so hard, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share it with the world – even if our first instinct is to keep it for ourselves.

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Love Means Having to Say You’re Sorry, Like, All the Time

Having a child means learning the fine art of apologizing – sorry Haden ruined your plane trip. Sorry Oliver ate your lipstick. Sorry Violet reached into her diaper and flung its contents at your dinner guests. Not that I’d know about such things.

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Let’s Dish

Anything that gets me a little more excited to spend time in the kitchen is a good thing indeed. And by time in the kitchen, I don’t mean standing at the fridge in the middle of the night, looking for the last ice cream bar that someone ate without asking my permission.

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