Goby activity planning search engine - plan family tripsI’m a somewhat nervous traveler, but unlike most of our kind, it’s not the flying I hate. More like I need to know exactly what we’re doing when. My husband, on the other hand, is happy to just plan “camping” and “figure it out when we get there.” Ack.

Thanks to goby, a new online search engine dedicated to activity planning, I can now just smile with him, agree, and then turn to my laptop.

Input your location, dates, and what sort of fun you want and Goby hooks you up with all the available activities, plus links to the details. For example, in NYC alone, there are 108 family friendly activities listed over the next 7 days, aggregated from sites like museums, gocitykids, and grandparents.com. And on that rare occasion when it’s not a family affair, I can still use goby to find a place to eat, a place to sleep, and activities that don’t require cautioning, Let’s use our indoor voices.

Heck, I even put in our hometown and found a few new places to check out. This site is a lazy travel planner’s dream come true. -Mir

Check out the goby search engine to find just about anything, anywhere, to plan your next day out.

Congratulations to lucky winner Carla B, who’ll plan an outing (and pay for it too) with the help of Goby!