Bizarre love triangles

Geometric polymer clay jewelry by nomilktodayUsually, when I hear the words “geometry” or “polymer clay,” I start daydreaming about cupcakes until the conversation comes back around to something I dig. Like cupcakes. But as soon as I saw the cool jewelry by nomilktoday, I perked right up.

Originally, I thought they were made of paper origami, which
wouldn’t last. Nope. It’s polymer clay, and it’s bizarrely elegant and

Each of these pieces is created of hand-cut and textured polymer clay by nomilktoday‘s
Eva from Athens, Greece. We haven’t actually seen one live, but the
feedback at her Etsy shop is 100% positive and very gracious, mentioning that the work is
beautiful in person and lighter than it looks, whether you’re into
earrings, an adjustable copper-plated ring, an
occasional necklace, or a custom piece via the Request
Custom Item button. And the shipping is under $6, which ain’t bad for

And if you want the Delilah Really Likes It Guarantee,
I’m ordering a piece right now, because writing this review convinced me
that, bizarrely, I now love triangles. Not surprisingly, I’ve always
loved the song Bizarre Love Triangle. ~Delilah

Check out the geometric polymer clay jewelry from nomilktoday on Etsy. But not until after I’ve ordered mine, okay?


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  • Reply March 21, 2011


    When I pull up the link – the etsy site is there but no products….Anyone else having that problem?

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply March 21, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    She’s accepting wholesale and custom orders. Best bet is to browse her “sold” items and if there’s something you like, convo her through etsy.

  • Reply March 21, 2011

    nomilk today

    omg!thanks so much for this article!
    I am so sorry guys for keeping my shop empty right now-come back in a few days for more!:):)

    have a great week!

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