Personalized alphabet blocks help you spell BEST BABY GIFT EVER

personalized alphabet blocksWe’ve long been fans of the beautiful handmade wooden baby toys from family-run Little Sapling Toys, and now there’s one more item that can make you the most awesome gift-giver ever.

These personalized wooden alphabet blocks
are lovingly handcrafted out of walnut, cherry and maple woods, and I think it’s about the greatest baby gift. Especially considering it’s just $12.50 for 5 blocks. (Or $31 for 13.)

Even cooler–you can also personalize them with recessed Braille letters too, should you need a great gift for a visually-impaired child.

The first time I had heard about personalized name blocks was way back when, when we found an awesome company called Storyblox. But one CPSIA debacle later, Storyblox is gone, so I’m glad to find another resource. It really is one of my favorite baby gifts ever. –Liz

Buy a set of personalized wooden alphabet blocks
online at Little Sapling Toys… where they donate to plant a tree through Trees for the Future for every toy sold.

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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  • Reply July 23, 2011


    Fabulous find! Personal, homemade, and made in the USA. Thanks for sharing this find. Will add them to my preferred vendors list.

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