Homemade popsicle recipes for the new Zoku Single Pop Maker

Homemade popsicle recipes for kidsMemorial Day is this weekend, which in my world means the beginning of popsicle season. It’s hard to talk diy popsicles without talking the Zoku pop maker, so it’s a good thing they’ve given us something new to talk about!

This summer, you can indulge in the new single Zoku pop maker which makes a frozen popsicle in just seven minutes. You can make up to three pops in a row before the unit needs to be put back in the freezer.

 Even better: The Single comes in five bright colors so that each kiddo can choose their own. Because nothing brings out sibling rivalry like popsicles. 

All you need to get in the Zoku action is plain juice or kefir and honey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get more ambitious. Here, some of the more tasty looking popsicle recipes:

Zoku frozen pop maker

Zoku character popsicle kit

Zoku character popsicles

Zoku Single is available for $24.95. What a great little hostess gift. Or grab enough so that each kiddo has his or her own. Trust me. -Stacie

The Zoku Single Pop Maker, the Quick Pop Character Tool Kit and other accessories are available through Williams-Sonoma (where they can be personalized or monogrammed!) or from our affiliate Amazon.


Stacie Billis is a popular food blogger known for focus on nutrition and organics, and her non-judgy approach to feeding kids that does not preclude Nutella.

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  • Those monster pops are crazy cute! Thank you for sharing this creative idea. :) I’ve featured your post on my “News of the Day” today.

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