Fun in a box: 7 cool gift subscriptions for kids

The only thing more exciting than a present under the tree is a big box on the front porch with a kid’s name on it. Whether you’re looking for cool kids’ crafts and activities to keep your kids busy at home well past December, or a really special holiday gift for your nieces and nephews across the country, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on our list of the best in kids’ gift subscriptions for the holidays.

And if you’re looking for a subscription box gift for a teen or adult, we’ve got that covered, too.

Gift subscriptions for kids: Wonder Box

For discovering and learning that doesn’t feel forced: Wonder Box

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… an otter? Yep, Ed the Otter will show up every month with a beautiful box of goodies for kids aged 3-6. Each one helps teach the skills needed for Kindergarten, so you can expect letters, numbers, phonics, sorting, colors, motor skills, and more as part of the deal. Packages start at $19.99 per month with themed projects carefully chosen to promote learning for girls and boys. {unfortunately, Wonderbox is no longer in production}

Gift subscriptions for kids: Wittlebee

For the once and future clotheshorse kid: Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club

Mall, schmall. Fill out the style profile here and a stylist will hand-pick six items from high profile kids’ clothing brands and send them straight to your door. These are brand new clothes in sizes 0 up to 6 years with a focus on daily wearables like t-shirts, leggings, and onesies– so no accessories or party dresses. But for $30 or less per month, you’ll get at least $100 worth of clothes which is sweet. [MAY 2013, EDITED TO ADD: While we love this concept, it seems the service isn’t living up to its original premise. Based on multiple complaints from users, we have to rescind our recommendation of Wittlebee.]

Gift subscriptions for kids: BabbaBox

For the curious and creative kid: BabbaBox

This big box won’t fit in the mailbox, and they’ll squeal when it arrives on the front porch. With everything-is-included-thank-goodness craft projects and fun extras like binoculars, each month will get kids creating and moving along with the included themed storybook. BabbaBox is for ages 3-6 and starts at $30 per month.

Gift subscriptions for kids: Green Kid Crafts

For the tiny green warrior: Green Kid Crafts

For $19.50 a month, this subscription service sends three fun, eco-conscious crafts straight to your door. We dig that the focus is on recycling, reusing, and sustainable materials, and we also like that for a little more, you can order a Discovery Box for siblings so that there’s enough to share. They also have individual kits available to suit popular themes like superheroes, mermaids, dinosaurs, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

Gift subscriptions for kids: Kiwi Crate

For the artist. Or fairy. Or superhero. Or holiday elf: Kiwi Crate

It’s true–we’re wild for Kiwi Crate. They have fantastic monthly subscription project boxes to surprise and delight, plus really beautiful themed gift boxes, in case you want to know exactly what you’re sending. Their Christmas, Hanukkah, and Gift-themed boxes seem like an especially nice gift for right now, considering that kids are about to be out of school and need something to keep them busy. And…that’s a great gift for mom, too.

Gift subscriptions for kids: Little Passports

For the kid with a sense of adventure: Little Passports

Every month, Little Passports characters Sam and Sofia visit a new country and send your kid letters, souvenirs, stickers, photos, and more. We love that this subscription starts with the cutest little suitcase ever, and we really dig that it sparks excitement about the world. There’s also a new monthly subscription that covers the good ol’ USA. Starting at under $12, it’s one of the most affordable gifts, too.

Gift subscriptions for kids: Just the Right Book

For the book-lover…or the reluctant reader who needs a spark: Just the Right Book

This one’s so great we included it in our round-up of gift subscriptions for adults too, because the indie booksellers here will find, well…just the right book for anyone then wrap it beautifully. Answer a few simple questions, and they’ll hand-pick a collection of books and goodies using twenty years of experience. They can cater to any age, too.


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  • Reply December 7, 2012


    I love your suggestions, however I would not recommend WittleBee. I was SO excited to receive my first box! My very first box was very disappointing and their customer Service is awful. If you read other reviews of them, they all say about the same thing.

  • Reply December 14, 2012


    I agree with Meredith regarding Wittlebee. I signed up for it in February, and it was AMAZING back then. I got gorgeous clothes for my baby girl, and it was a great value. However, in recent months (presumably as they’ve gotten swamped with new customers), the quality of clothing has hugely declined and the customer service has gone with it.

    The only way you can currently contact them is either through email (which takes several days to get a response) or live chat (which is not always available). When I first subscribed, I was a raving fan…I loved, loved, LOVED it. But after all the changes they’ve made, including the production of their own brand of clothing basics, which doesn’t seem to be bad quality but now makes up a good portion of each box when high-end designer brands are advertised; a reduction in the number of items received for the same price ($39.99 for 8 pieces when I signed up; now down to 6); and a general shadiness overshadowing their entire operation (they delete any critical comments or questions left on their Facebook page), I’m thisclose to cancelling my membership.

    They asked current customers to put their accounts on hold for the month of December while they get everything straightened out, so my hope is that things will improve going into the new year and they’ll focus more on keeping their customers happy. On that note, as of December 10th, there is now a wait list for new customer sign up to help deal with some of the growing pains they’re having.

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