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Being on the go with kids just got a little more educational

I kind of love that my children love my iPhone, because their love of my iPhone means that I have one more tool for distracting them when we’re traveling, or even just making a run to the grocery store, because, seriously, there are only so many times that one can hear are we there yet before one goes completely insane. Well here’s an app that won’t have you wringing your hands over the question of whether you’re exposing your kids to too many video games. [see our giveaway after the jump] Tales2Go is basically good old fashioned storytelling, made...

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Clothes made for women. And not the perfect ones.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I went a little crazy with the maternity clothes. And although my husband raised a skeptical eyebrow and tut-tutted about me buying items that I would — he insisted — never wear again after pregnancy, I proved him wrong. For better or for worse. The problem is, so many of those maternity clothes that have such an accommodating cut aren’t the most fashionable of wardrobe items and really should be put on ebay or handed down to pregnant friends as soon as possible. Which is why I love Canadian fashion designer...

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Oh, The Pictures You’ll Take!

My daughter loves Dr. Seuss. She also loves the camera on my iPhone. Put these together and you have a four year old in Seussian snap happy heaven, and a mother who can’t check her e-mail or play Words With Friends when her kid is around. The Dr. Seuss Camera, Cat In The Hat Edition employs the same structure as the previous Grinch incarnation that was released before the holidays and, yes, was entirely addictive and ensured that all of our virtual Christmas cards were Grinch-themed. It’s so simple that a four year old can mash up your iPhone...

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Want Your Enfant To Passez La Baguette? There’s An App For That

I have this fantasy of one day living in Paris, in some old, sunwashed apartment on one of the old arrondissements. Trouble is, although I read French – a hangover from graduate studies – I don’t speak much of it, and what little of it I do speak is sloppily Canadian. If I’m going to live there, I’m going to need a translator, which is why I enrolled my daughter in French immersion kindergarten. It’s also why I downloaded the Little Pim language learning application for my iPhone. My daughter loves playing games on my phone, especially word-based games,...

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Here Be Monsters – And Birds And Robots And Squids – For Your Little Monster

You’d think that with all those businesses out there designing hip/cool/adorable/clever tees for kids, a mother would be able to find at least one sweet monster design that was exactly to her taste. I mean, robots are everywhere. So are space aliens and bug-like creatures and Che Guevara. And those are great and all, but I’ve really been wanting some monsters for my little monster. Because I love monsters, and, also, because he is a monster. In toddler form, but still. So I was really excited when I came across Luv My Lolly, an online kidswear shop that has...

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Need Santa? There’s An App For That

I don’t need to tell you that it might be handy to be able to program calls from Santa into your phone, for when you want to remind the kids that he knows when they’re naughty or nice. Or to be able to pull, right out of your pocket, video to show a fidgety preschooler what Santa is doing right this minute, the better to point out that if he can feed his reindeers in a snowstorm, we can eat our carrots, right? Call From Santa is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an app that allows you to...

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Maternity Spanx! At last, at last!

I can say, in all honestly, that there have been times when I would not have gone out out in public had I not been wearing my Spanx. That has everything to do with the way Spanx just makes everything feel so supported, both in the lift-and-smooth kind of way and in the this-helps-me-stand-up-straighter kind of way. Which is why it would have been so awesome to have had some kind of Spanx product to slip on when I was pregnant and my belly was all ponderous and swingy and out there. Because you know those maternity jeans with...

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A t-shirt can be a WYSH your heart makes

My daughter spent the better part of her second summer in a Che Guevara onesie that bore the tagline: I don’t know who this is. The thing about those hipster tees, though is that they’re generally not, you know, heartwarming and inspirational. Which is not necessarily something that you want every day but come on, aren’t there times when you look at your child and you sort of wish that the words I am so freaking adorable that I make the world glow with my incandescent light were emblazoned all over them? It’s not just me. The lovely Lu...

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For The Junior Puppeteer Who Has Everything (But The Really Fancy Puppet)

My daughter loves puppets. I mean, she really loves puppets. She carries them around and tells them stories and engages them in fisticuffs. (Put Bert on one hand and Ernie on the other and smash them together and you get the picture.) So the Puppet Pie Shop’s Custom Professional Puppet – who I like to call Look What Happened When Janice Left Electric Mayhem To Go To Business College – would, I am not exaggerating, blow her mind. Okay, so it’s a lot of money for what some people might think is just a glorified doll with body-cavity issues....

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