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Dolls Made in Not China

As I sit here, gazing at my four month-old as she sucks the end of a silver rattle, I know I’m doing the right thing in limiting the mass-produced plastic garbage that enters our house. And enters her hands. And thus, enters her mouth. My latest focus: Dolls.

Born With a Silver Rattle in His Hand

I never really got the expensive silver rattle thing until I had kids (like everything else, right?) and my dear friend gave me the kind that come in the pretty blue box. Either my kid has extremely expensive taste or he just knows a good thing when he hears it, but that rattle is all but glued to his hand.

Stuck On You

With all the bells and whistles – literally – that are the hallmark of modern toys, I’m always happy to find those that put a new spin on an old classic without the use of batteries–or the need for a bottle of ibuprofen for mommy.

A-List Teddies

Sure, your toddler loves that ratty old blankie – it goes everywhere that he does. But did you ever stop to think about what that ratty old blankie says about you and your style…or lack thereof? I shudder to think.