Whether your toddler is ready for their first balance bike or you have a mini speedster on your holiday list, a ride-on toy makes an awesome “big gift” for either Hanukkah or Christmas.  As the inadvertent ride-on-toy expert at Cool Mom Picks (what with three growing kids and a garage full of things that go zoom), I’m really liking the wide variety of ride-ons from YBIKE whose fleet includes a new “grow-with-me” toy, a super-fun scooter, and a zippy go-cart for kids who are ready to zoom.

Hopefully I can help you navigate the selection, because they’re all pretty wonderful.

YBIKE’s Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is a three-in-one ride on, going from a tricycle to two different levels of balance bike. Since it’s meant to last a few years as it grows with your child, I appreciate the adjustable seat and the sturdy aluminum frame. It’s a great option for kids who may be hesitant to jump straight to a balance bike, though YBIKE has both a smaller Balance Bike or taller Extreme Balance Bike for kids who don’t want or need the tricycle configuration.

YBIKE 3-wheel scooter for kids | Cool Mom Picks

YBIKE’s GLX Pro 3-wheel scooter is a super fun ride for kids 5 and up, with a nice, smooth ride and cool lean-and-steer movement. I love that the T-bar handles easily move up or down depending on your child’s height, and the higher weight limit (up to 110 lbs) means this will get many years going up and down our driveway. Smaller kids can start off with the regular GLX scooter which has a toddler-sized frame and lighter weight limit but will be easier for little ones to handle.


YBIKE Explorer Go-Kart for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Though we hardly have any room left in our garage for the cars, my kids were more than happy to make space for the Explorer Go-Kart. They get that cool low-rider feel as they pedal around the driveway, using the steering bars to go where they want. It’s sized for preschoolers and kids to about age 8, but my 9-year-old and his friends have no problem making it work with their long legs. Bonus: it’s powered by kids and not a giant battery, since if there is one thing my kids have in surplus, it’s energy.

Check out YBIKE’s fleet of ride-on toys at our affiliate Amazon or an indie toy store near you.