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Bugaboo stroller recall – no reason to panic but worth a read if you own one

Today, Bugaboo voluntarily recalled the Cameleon and Donkey strollers that have detachable carrycots/seats. A button on the seat carry handle can become disengaged and detach. No injuries have been reported, and the safety risk has been deemed low. Bugaboo Cameleon Even so, you’ll want to get a free replacement handle right away if you own a stroller with one of these serial numbers under the seat:  Bugaboo CameleonSerial Number 04011090900001 to 04031101009999Serial Number 08011090900001 to 08021100800386Serial Number 140100093600531 to 140103123350418 Bugaboo DonkeySerial Number 170101105300001 to 170104130900500 To get your free handle replacement, call Bugaboo at (800) 460-2922 from 7AM...

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Breaking news: Peapod travel crib recall

Just yesterday, the CPSC and KidCo Inc. recalled all 220,000 of their Peapod travel cribs that have been sold since 2005. We were so sad to hear that the recall was due to a possible infant death (though the cause is unknown), and others being trapped and distressed–however these occurred in some cases due to users placing the mattress on the floor of the tent and not in the pocket as the directions specify. KidCo Inc. is offering a kit so parents who own a Peapod travel beds and Peapod Plus travel beds can fix them, making the cribs safe...

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Breaking news: Trader Joe’s and Sunland peanut butter recall expands *Now updated

NOTE: It appears that Sunland Inc is now out of business. Check your pantries, mamas! The recall of New Mexico-based Sunland Inc. peanut butter sold at Trader Joe’s has now been expanded to 76 types of products, including almond butter, cashew butter, and tahini. The original recall was for Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter due to numerous salmonella illnesses across 18 states, however, additional products that are made on the same equipment by Sunland Inc. have now also been voluntarily recalled, including Archer Farms (sold at Target) and Harry & David. The good news is that none...

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Breaking news: Peg Perego stroller recall

If you bought a Peg Perego stroller between January 2004 and September 2010, you’ll want to check to be sure it’s not one of the 223,000 strollers that are only just now being recalled after an infant died in 2004. Little ones, particularly those under 12 months old, can pass between the seat and the tray and can get their heads stuck.  The specific recalled strollers are the older Venezio and Pliko-P3 models that have a child tray with a single cup holder, not the bumper bar. To be certain if yours is on the list, check the CPSC information...

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Breaking news: BOB stroller recall

The CPSC action du jour is a BOB stroller recall affecting nearly 500,000 single and double strollers sold in the US and Canada. Evidently the backing behind the company logo on the stroller canopy can detach, and babies, particularly those in infant seats, can reach it and put it in their mouths. While of course choking hazards can be quite serious, fortunately no children have been hurt. If you own a BOB stroller (a very good one, in our estimation), the solution, according to the CPSC is simply to remove the embroidery backing patch from the canopy (visit www.bobnotices.com...

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Breaking News: IKEA Crib Recall

The CPSC issued a recall of IKEA SNIGLAR cribs in the US and Canada, because the four bolts that secure the mattress support may not be long enough. Check your crib and see if the mattress support bolts extend through the nut. If so, you’re fine. If not, the mattress can detach and collapse. No injuries have been reported so don’t panic. Just find the baby somewhere to sleep until you can get a repair kit–which probably consists of four longer bolts. Find full info at the CPSC website. If you need a repair kit for your IKEA Sniglar...

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Web coolness – Modern ABCs, crafting shortcuts, and cakes made out of Brobee

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. On Babycenter, Kristen uncovers a super cool service to get kids crafty, even when their moms aren’t at all. The always thoughtful PHD in Parenting blog has wonderful links to help you think about food in honor of this week’s World Food Day. A funny post parodying all the baby gear recalls lately. We can’t help it – we laughed. The Lichtenstein ABCs? Who even knew. Friends of Foofa: Behold! An entire post filled with Yo Gabba Gabba cakes. Amazing. [via kari...

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Breaking News: Graco Stroller Recall

If you mamas are owners of the Graco Quattro or MetroLite strollers that was bought before November 2007, check the serial numbers because they’ve been voluntarily recalled by Graco and the CPSC. The CPSC reports that babies can try to squeeze out under the tray and get caught resulting in cuts and bruises. (We report that you might just want to use the lap belts with your babies.) If you’re just using the stroller base with an infant seat as a travel system, there’s no danger at all. In any case, no need to panic. Just contact Graco for...

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Breaking News: Fisher-Price recalls 10 million toys

Check your tricycles, high chairs, play mats, and more, mamas – Fisher-Price has just this morning issued a recall of nearly 10 million toys and baby gear for all sorts of safety issues. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, the recall  includes: – 3 brands of Fisher-Price high chairs -Fisher-Price trikes and Tough Trikes -Infant toys including Baby Playzone Crawl & Cruise Playground, Baby Playzone Crawl & Slide Arcade, Baby Gymtastics Play Wall, Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium This is in addition to yesterday’s recall of Little People Wheelies Stand n Play Rampway and three toys...

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Breaking news – CPSC votes to ban sale of all drop side cribs

With the recent slew of crib recalls, and now Pottery Barn Kids voluntarily recalling 82,000 drop side cribs today, it seems that the CPSC has had enough, so much so that they voted unanimously to ban the sale of drop side cribs in the United States. The issue with drop-side cribs is not a new one, mostly due to poorly constructed and installed sides on specific brands and models coming loose and babies getting dangerously and sometimes fatally trapped. However, this new ban now applies to all brands selling this type of crib. So, once again, check your cribs,...

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