According to a new FDA report, Claire’s brand cosmetic products have tested positive for tremolite asbestos. That means those eye shadows, compact powders, or contour palette that your kids may own need to be tossed, stat.  Especially because this is the kind of stuff that parents tend to buy their younger kids for “play makeup” because of the affordable price tag.

Claire’s is not only contesting the findings,  they’re refusing to issue a recall on these three products, which in our view, is wildly disturbing.

So is it worth it for parents to err on the side of caution and toss a $6 100-shade eye shadow palette that’s in your kids’ collection? We’re going with a big yes.

And would it be a sensible business decision for Claire’s to offer refunds on the three products in order to create trust with shoppers? That’s a big fat honking GOD, YES.

Especially because this report is actually a follow-up from 2017 confirming the presence of asbestos in more than 17 Claire’s cosmetics, from eye shadows to glitter creams, even lip glosses (plus some items from Justice). Most were recalled in 2017. But today, these three are not.

It’s been a while since the great Lead Paint Toy Recall of 2008 when parents were hyper-vigilant about looking at the sources of our toys, kids’ jewelry and costumes, and considered every last ingredient in the cosmetics our kids used. Maybe it’s time to get back to that.

Nailmatic kid-friendly nail polish that comes off with waterNailmatic is a safe brand of natural, vegan, cruelty-free nail polish that’s safe for kids…and us.

It costs a bit more, but instead, take a look at our list of the best non-toxic nail polish brands for kids, and even for play makeup, consider natural brands like Luna Star made just for kids, natural brands like Afterglow Cosmetics or Physicians Formula, or even safe drugstore brands like Burts Bees and EOS — and the very affordable E.LF.

And while the FDA isn’t the end-all be-all last defense when it comes to consumer product safety, we do appreciate their call for new safety measures from the cosmetics industry, including voluntarily registering their products, being transparent about ingredient lists, and proactively reporting problems.

Like, say, asbestos in children’s eye shadow. Ugh.

Read the full FDA report here, which concludes the presence of asbestos in Claire’s Eye Shadows – Batch No/Lot No: 08/17; Claire’s Compact Powder – Batch No/Lot No: 07/15; and, Claire’s Contour Palette – Batch No/Lot No: 04/17. Though we’d be inclined to just toss it all.