Seems like every time my girls and I hit the neighborhood playground, there’s a mini injury of some sort. We’ve had the bee sting, the bloody nose, the scraped knee, and the invisible boo-boo that needs more TLC than Neosporin. You know the one.

The MediBuddy, the junior companion to the MediBag is the perfect solution to my traveling treatment woes. This family-invented portable first aid kit includes everything you need to soothe minor scrapes: Antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, even crayon-shaped bandages. And just like the doctor’s office, there’s an assortment of smiley face stickers to chase away the last few tears. What an awesome gift for a new mom to go with a nice new diaper bag.

Everything comes in a handy carrying case, so you can shove it in your bag and forget about it. At least until that nasty slide jumps up and bites your kid on the leg.

Just 7 bucks at Babies 2 Babes.Nancy

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