Wings of Hope
In my current postpartum state, I’m as close as you might get to a charity case. But multiply the joy of shrinking yourself back into those skinny jeans times 100, and you’ll get what your donation can do for the amazing Wings of Hope charity.

Started in 1962 by St. Louis business executives, this charity specializes in reducing poverty with a common denominator that involves transportation (usually an actual set of wings – not just the proverbial kind) and health care. Whether it’s airlifting a child in need of multiple surgeries to various hospitals right here in the United States or bringing vaccines and medicine to families in the African Congo, Wings of Hope makes a difference regardless of religion or politics, and without the help of the federal government.

So, before you start your fail-proof exercise program, consider offering your assistance – through volunteering or donations (monetary or materials). Not only will you start off 2009 in the right direction, but you’re guaranteed to cross at least one resolution of your very long list. -Kristen

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