I’m a huge fan of the electronic invitation, because I’m an online kinda gal. But I have to admit that sometimes there’s simply no substitute for nice stationery if you want to be proper about it. So it’s about time someone created a service that combines both.

Paperless Post is literally the best of both worlds. You can manage your event online, track who’s viewed your invite, amass RSVPs, even sell tickets online. But the custom designs you create are so gorgeous, you’d send them on paper if only you had the time. And the money. And knew where the heck you put the stamps. In this case the stamps are virtual, and the charge for them is nominal – $10 for 250 which is a tenth of what the UPSO would charge. (Every new account gets 25 free to start by the way.)

The designs are definitely on the preppy side and we’re hoping they’ll
add more kid-appropriate designs because cocktail party-throwing
20-somethings aren’t the only ones who like to save money on their
invitations. They’re still in Beta, but I had no problem designing a formal-looking invitation and sending it out to a group in under ten minutes.

My friends think I’ve finally become more refined, but all the credit goes to Paperless Post. I should totally write them a nice thank-you. On virtual paper. -Mir

Create beautiful online invitations at Paperless Post