Noah is playing with the toy truck. Sam wants the toy truck. Sam grabs it out of Noah’s hands and bops him with the front left tire when Noah tries to take it back. Sam’s mom wishes she could spontaneously disappear. The next day, Noah’s mom receives a card slipped under her front door.

It reads: Sorry my kid took your kid’s toy card.

The Not So Naughty Sorry Cards, from Tan-je-reen let you apologize for four common kiddie misdemeanors like Sorry my kid pushed yours and Sorry my kid broke your______.  I think they’re hilarious on their own, but there’s room so you can pen your own heart-felt apology beneath – and probably get a giggle in return.

Just don’t give a set as a gift to your friend with the kid who is always in trouble. Then you’ll need a set of “Sorry I’m a passive-aggressive sanctimommy cards” and I don’t think they make them yet. -Betsy

Order the hilarious apology cards and other less ominous stationery at Tan-je-reen.


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