Lullaboards Dry-Erase Baby JournalWe’ve all experimented with the best way to keep track of a newborn’s schedule of eating, sleeping, and pooping. If the pen-and-paper way isn’t for you, then Sarah Masci’s stylish and eco-friendly Lullaboard may do the trick.

This dry-erase board is formatted to track important information about your baby’s daily existence. It’s especially useful for moms and dads with caregivers who want a report of feedings and diaper changes, but don’t need to save the report for future generations. They have a few different Lullaboard formats including newborn, older baby, and even a toddler format which includes a space to record potty time. There’s also space to  jot down milestones so you can get it somewhere more permanent later.

Sarah brings the hip design aesthetic from her Paperluxe Studio, which is appreciated because it’s something you have to actually look at, and you know, hang on your wall. I look at it as another little way to bring something pretty and functional into my own daily existence. –Carrie

Congratulations to Liz N, lucky winner of a Lullaboard!