Handmade girls' dress by Blue Sky Rocket
The first thing I thought when I saw the little audrey in the city dress was that I really really want one in my size. This black and white micro-polkadot dress is classic and cute in all the right ways.

Blue Sky Rocket has a new selection of gorgeous handmade mod dresses and skirts that are the perfect antidote to the excessive use of pink and purple found in most girl’s clothing. Check out the adorable noir sundress and cherry reversible wrap skirt, both of which would be welcome additions to my daughter’s pants-filled wardrobe. Especially appealing is that they don’t have to be reserved for special occasions; the lightweight cotton means they are cool enough for summer days and sturdy enough to be thrown in the wash.

Now I’m off to scour the internet for a little audrey dress in a size, um, grownup. -Carrie

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